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Trixie has started a club and to show her greatness she will personally see to preventing the next magical threat that comes to Canterlot. Thus the Magical Response Club was formed. However her first encounter from the other world turns out to be far more then she bargained for as the sisters of annulation from alternate Equestria crashes into her world. Bringing with them there own brand of destruction and chaos that seems to follow everywhere they go. Join the adventure, the laughs, an all the action. As the Lunar Frost and Dark Frost team up with Magical Response Club in an world altering tale.

Co-Written by Lead_Colored_Sky
Edited by CodeG

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Pip was not adapting to well to life in a new town. However a new game will open up opportunities for friendship in Equestria and the shatter realms. As a powerful card game grows in popularity throughout Equestria. With it a powerful force lurks one that can be used for good or evil intent. Can Pip and hoof full of skilled players lead there clan to victory. Will Equestria survive what is to come if they don't. The cards hold the key...

Come join the delightful My little Pony characters as they tackle a challenge that is out of this world. Players shuffle your deck and SHATTER THE REALMS!!!

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Times are hard especially for the changelings. Her subjects were starving and before long there kind will wither to nothing. What is a queen to do? Lucky a series of events might reveal a glimmer of hope Equestria has fallen into chaos. Surely in this state the ponies would be at there most vulnerable. But as she and a groups of changelings scour Equestria this blessing becomes a curse. Is it Discord's doings or something possibly far worse... "Who is Tirek?" Can the Queen of the changlings bring herself to team up with the most unlikely of allies and save Equestria? Can a Changeling magic be used for anything more the deception?

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Worthless, unwanted, unneeded, and most importantly unappreciated just a few things that Ron would use to descibe his role in life itself but that's not to say things are about to change when a magical portal sucks him into the magical world of his favorite series he soon descovers that how much of a difference he could make in the lives of others. As the knight he swears to do his part to protect the world from a evil he can barely understand coupled with the fact that there is another like him who will seek to this land harm. Will he be able to rise to the occasion or will all this be just another failure on his list of failures.

Edited by Peewee

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