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Shadows Reborn

When you feel you lost the right path start from the beginning and try a different course.


Worthless, unwanted, unneeded, and most importantly unappreciated just a few things that Ron would use to descibe his role in life itself but that's not to say things are about to change when a magical portal sucks him into the magical world of his favorite series he soon descovers that how much of a difference he could make in the lives of others. As the knight he swears to do his part to protect the world from a evil he can barely understand coupled with the fact that there is another like him who will seek to this land harm. Will he be able to rise to the occasion or will all this be just another failure on his list of failures.

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I'll give you a like, but punctuation needs major work. Be wary of commas and question marks.


Comment posted by hailspider deleted Jul 23rd, 2014

The title has an error. Enough said.

Work on your grammar...

Thank you, I will go back through it make some changes I will also keep a eye out in later chapters.

This really being my first work I wrote it with out thinking to much into it. That was my bad and sorry you guys had to catch it before I did.

Thanks to everyone else who would give this story even a passing glance. I was actually expecting a lot of hate to come out of this.


4742066 You're welcome. Good luck with your future endeavors.

To all who liked this story thank you. I never really had high expectations figured mostly I would get a lot of hates. The fact I got five likes in the short time I started working on it. Well it truely says alot to me.

As long as at least one person is willing to read it. Well I figured then the story will continue.

This has been a person thank you from the bottom of my darkened soulless heart

Love, Darker Shadows:scootangel:

6047124 I plan to as son as I can get it all together. Bu the good part is yet to come that was just giving the origin story of the darkness.

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