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Shadows Reborn

When you feel you lost the right path start from the beginning and try a different course.


Trixie has started a club and to show her greatness she will personally see to preventing the next magical threat that comes to Canterlot. Thus the Magical Response Club was formed. However her first encounter from the other world turns out to be far more then she bargained for as the sisters of annulation from alternate Equestria crashes into her world. Bringing with them there own brand of destruction and chaos that seems to follow everywhere they go. Join the adventure, the laughs, an all the action. As the Lunar Frost and Dark Frost team up with Magical Response Club in an world altering tale.

Co-Written by Lead_Colored_Sky
Edited by CodeG

Chapters (1)
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I liked this story dada good job

6257141 Thanks but I did not do it alone Lead-Colored_Sky helped.

6257197 I will thank grandpa toos

6257220 We should have a second chapter out soon.

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