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Shadows Reborn

When you feel you lost the right path start from the beginning and try a different course.


Pip was not adapting to well to life in a new town. However a new game will open up opportunities for friendship in Equestria and the shatter realms. As a powerful card game grows in popularity throughout Equestria. With it a powerful force lurks one that can be used for good or evil intent. Can Pip and hoof full of skilled players lead there clan to victory. Will Equestria survive what is to come if they don't. The cards hold the key...

Come join the delightful My little Pony characters as they tackle a challenge that is out of this world. Players shuffle your deck and SHATTER THE REALMS!!!

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So, not SolForge.

Yugi save your grandfather, then the world!

5569538 Funny:rainbowlaugh:

5569534 Not sure what that is?

5569593 http://solforgegame.com/

It's an online card game that I used to play a bit. The lore is a bit sketchy so I wasn't sure whether or not you were doing something based on it until I read the author's note.

5569639 Oh okay never seen it before no this was a CCG concept I been thinking about for a while.

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