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Shadows Reborn

When you feel you lost the right path start from the beginning and try a different course.


Times are hard especially for the changelings. Her subjects were starving and before long there kind will wither to nothing. What is a queen to do? Lucky a series of events might reveal a glimmer of hope Equestria has fallen into chaos. Surely in this state the ponies would be at there most vulnerable. But as she and a groups of changelings scour Equestria this blessing becomes a curse. Is it Discord's doings or something possibly far worse... "Who is Tirek?" Can the Queen of the changlings bring herself to team up with the most unlikely of allies and save Equestria? Can a Changeling magic be used for anything more the deception?

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My first story featuring Chrysalis this one is going to be fun to write I can feel it.:pinkiehappy:

Well, let's see where this is going.

Sounds interesting but small typos and missing commas make it a bit hard to read at times. Like here:

Oh my loyal subjects sufferer time and time again. Growing week weak from hunger, what is a queen to do?

Also prob. it would be better to say something like "Oh my loyal subjects suffer time and time again growing weak from hunger. What am I, the queen, to do?"
There are some other phrases to look into as well.

As for now, I'll be waiting for more :P

4778128 Thank you for reading. I am indeed sorry about the errors I was half asleep when I finally posted it. But now that took the time read. I got alot of changes to make. Again thank you for the support

Do you think you could edit this chapter so that two people aren't talking in the same paragraph, it makes it much easier to read. Also the part with Tirek needs to be looked at.

4916213 I will have a look at it yes... Thanks for the feed back.

More? Have a like and a track

6353523 Oh I did not know anyone even reads this old thing. I will keep start work on another chapter tonight.

6354659 Good story is a good story regardless of it age.

6354751 Well I know that but being it was only the second story I ever posted. I was worried it was to sloppy.

6354763 If it was I could not tell. Plus being good I would have missed it anyway.

6354813 I will take it as a compliment. Also while your here let me compliment you on the interesting avatar choice.

6354822 That's how it was meant. I see it now! You just replied because of Fractured Heart. :twilightsmile: I have her in pony form too.(squee)

6354879 Your crazy but I can tell your a lot of fun

6354904 Some would agree with you on that LOL. Fun is subjective(is that the right word) But anywho. I am a lot of something.:twilightsmile:

6355036 LOL Cool anyway I will talk to you later. I will also update my story when I can.

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