• Published 23rd Jul 2014
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Harmony of a Different Kind: Equestria's Knight - Shadows Reborn

Feeling worthless and down on his luck Ron thought his life could not get worse. But his destiny is about to change in ways he never thought possible. As he plunged into a world of friendship and magic to confront a evil that goes back beyond time.

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A beautiful night of sleepless terror (Re-edited)

One day, three hours after mining incident

“I am sorry this situation left you distraught.” Celestia sighs as the creature paces back in forth across the throne room of the palace hall. “I assure you that this was an unforeseen event.”

“Yeah that helps I just don’t get it. This all this does not just happen. I see it but I can’t bring myself to believe it.” Ron stops and turns his gaze fixated on the princess. “It is just so fucked up I see it but I can’t believe it. Yet there it is the worlds in front of me you are right there.” He shakes his head and chuckles slightly, “Holy shit this is messed up.”

“But you are here now and though it is hard to comprehend I assure you that it is indeed real.” Celestia smiles as she tries to reassure the strange creature. This only causes Ron to give face palm.

“It is because you are telling me this I am having trouble believing it.” Ron stood still as he continues a failing attempt to grasp reality from his situation. “Equestria, magic, small talking horses, you are a creation as sales attempt to mark a series of girls toys. Over the years the story changes the world is altered but one factor remains unchanged, one factor that won’t add up you are still fiction.” Celestia sets upon her throne though not everything the creature said made sense. She took in the information she could see why it was hard to process. She was finding it difficult to believe everything he was saying. But her mental fortitude seemed too far out match his. It did not seem to have any kind mental impact on her.

“I can pretend I can comprehend what is going through your mind. I see this world as always being as it is. But you are not of this world as far as I can tell you are not of any world. Never has such a creature been seen in Equestria.” Ron grasps his head the approach head ache along with the long day without rest worked against his mental state. Celestia sighs as she rises from her throne. “I can tell this will take some time to adjust to. I not sure if I fully grasp your situation myself. You may stay in one of the castle’s guest quarters. The night will be upon us soon so.” Ron sighs as simply nods it was bluntly clear that whatever was going on, whatever this was he is not going to figure out the answers instantly.
“Perhaps that is for the best.” He turns as a small pony walks through the large double door behind him.

“Will you please escort our guest to a room so that he may rest?” Celestia motioning a hoof to Ron.
“Of course your majesty please follow me…” She stops as she raises her gaze to meet the large creature before her. Ron simply raises an eyebrow. She shakes her head as her thoughts return. “I am sorry please fallow me.”
Ron set in the small bed tossing and turning it felt as if though his mind would not rest even though he felt the strain of his body wanting to sleep so badly. The follow hour felt brutal he wanted to sleep so badly yet despite his effort he could not. With a groan he rises out of the bed and makes his way to nearest window. The night seemed beautiful and peaceful he crouches down and leans on the window ceil content to just look up at the stars. “This place is beautiful and wouldn’t it be great to live here.” He breathed a soft disappointed sigh. “Yeah now if only I belonged.”

He was about to crawl back into bed when there came a sudden knock at the door. “Well not like I was sleeping all that well anyway.” He makes his way to the door and opens it slowly. Standing before him was strange looking Pegasus. Its armour black as a cloudy night. It’s wings far different then most Pegasus it did not have feathers. In fact to tell the truth this pony seemed to be strange combination of pony and bat. “Wait the night guard of course… The inhabitants of the night pegasi seemed much different from the day.”

“Sir Her Highness has requested an audience with you.” Ron looks about the room then shakes his head, “Not like I will be do anything better.”

The guard escorts him back into the throne room. He looks up gazing at the chandeliers which gave the room light during the night. He stops short of the throne. “Luna you wished to see me.” The guard next to him retort at the manner the night princess was address.

“Hay show respect you are addressing the princess of the night. Her highness, your majesty…”

“It is quite alright we heard of his predicament.” The night alicorn says in a soft tone. The night guard bows in respect. “You may leave us I wish to address him on matters most personal.” The guard was shocked by the decision to be left alone with a creature both strange and tall. Yet he did not argue the point instead he bows and exit the chambers.

“Something tells me I am going have a long night.” Ron says as he turns his attention from the exiting guard to the princess.

“So it is true my sister has let a creature most strange take refuge in the castle.” Ron was about to reply but was loss for words. “Know this why my sister seems to take pity for on thy no doubt because of your pitiful situation. But my trust is not so easily obtained. Regardless I do not make a habit of wish to make a habit of going against my sister’s wishes.” She seems to lower her head in a look of disappointment forms. “It has caused great troubles in our past.”

“You fear the return of Nightmare Moon?” Luna turns her gaze toward him a look of shock and panic on her face. “Who are you and how do you know of the creature of Nightmares?” Ron took a step back as her voice raised to incredible levels. “I know a few things of this world.” He turns and begins to mumble to himself. “Of course how a world full of magical talking ponies exists in the first place seems to elude me.”

“Why do you speak in such a low tone?” Her voice rings through the chambers.

“Mostly because you are speaking to loud, “Ron replies in hushed tone.

“Oh it appears I am doing it again I have trouble controlling my volume when I am angry or upset.” She takes a deep breath, “Please so I can understand your predicament better tell me a little about yourself.” Ron gives off another sigh “Yep a really, really long night.”


A dark figure approaches the entrance to Canterlot. Two Guards stop in mid patrol and approach the city gates. “Are you okay?” one of the guards ask the other approaches the creature appeared to be a Pegasus but terrible mangled. “One of her legs was ripped wide open, both her wings where broke. A large scar reached from her flank to the back of her neck. Her coat seemed to be a light blue but most of it was coated with what appeared to be dried blood. The strange creature just stood there for a moment panting hard raspy breaths.

“Now just hold on we will get you some help.” He extends his hoof but stops as sudden crackling noise rises. The Pegasus fur had something was crawling beneath. “What in the name of Luna is…?” Suddenly the scar on the Pegasus’ back rips wide open several tentacle lash snatching the guard. In mid shout one of the long tentacles curl around his throat cutting off the air as the others constricted his legs. There was an audible snapping sound as the guard’s body begins to cave under the pressure. His armour gave him no protection against the creature’s strength the Pegasus lets out a ghastly shrill cry. The other guard draws his sword and stands his ground. The Pegasus’ Jaw comes unlatched her normal teeth gave way to a second row of sharp jagged teeth. The tentacles force the dead guard into the gaped mouth. The Pegasus throat expands as the creature passes creating a large bulge in her gut. The remaining guard was frozen the sight before him zapping him of all courage. The Pegasus throws her head back slurps down the tail. It then turns its attention to the remaining guard. The stallion quickly turns and begins to bolt for the city streets only to be ensnared by one of the tentacles. A loud scream filled the city streets but was quickly replaced by another shrill cry. Lights in nearby building began to glow as several citizens exited their homes. Screams could be heard throughout the city screams which were soon replaced with the sound of ghastly shrilled cries.

Author's Note:

This is chapter three and were the story begins to pick up.

Hope all who reads this enjoys it and feel free to leave a comment.

I will be starting another story soon the next being far more dark and more an likely will have a mature rating.

However it should not interfere with how often I make my post on this story.