• Published 23rd Jul 2014
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Harmony of a Different Kind: Equestria's Knight - Shadows Reborn

Feeling worthless and down on his luck Ron thought his life could not get worse. But his destiny is about to change in ways he never thought possible. As he plunged into a world of friendship and magic to confront a evil that goes back beyond time.

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A new threat and a new answer (Re- edited)

“Have you ever had a feeling that you can’t amount to anything in life. Anything at all well if you’re anything like me then the answer is yes. Let start off introducing me the name is Ronnie, but some call me Big Ron or Big Bad Ron. I think it is more of creative criticism about my weight and mass then giving me props about capabilities. Which seems to few and far between I have plenty of creative abilities but I digress? Maybe in this life sure but perhaps in another light and another plain we are so much more. But I don’t wish to get too far ahead of myself. Let me start back in the beginning when my life first changed when I became more then I thought I could ever be the Knight of Equestria.”

3:00 p.m. Equestrian time

“Sir, sir I finally found something.” A small pony with shovel calls out from deep within large mining site. A large brown earth pony makes his way up to the small artifact. Both earth ponies look down at a piece of a stone tablet.

“These markings date back beyond the premagical era. Without a doubt this must be one of the ancient sources of power of Equestria. Excellent work simply wonderful…” Four Pegasus fly each carrying a set of ropes. The ponies fasten the ropes around the large stone object. With pull and a shove the ten workers finally manages to free the object revealing an opening down below.

“Alright boys this is pay day we founds the tomb of ancients. Just imagine there was a power that existed long before even that of a unicorn. Maybe even be greater than alicorn magic…” The gruff earth pony quickly turns around. “Alright boys get some torches, we don’t need to burn any further day light then we already have.”

The Pegasus was first to enter, “I don’t know boss this place is looks pretty deep.” The slowly descend deeper into the cavern. The earth pony pulls out a scroll from his saddle back begins to look it over.

“I don’t get most pre magical structures have rooms, passages, corridors something. This thing seems to be a straight drop to the base. What kind shrine is structured to be so tall and yet only contains a single shaft leading down.” The earth pony state scanning images on scroll.

One of the Pegasus stops mid way allowing the other to continue his descent after about five minutes his hooves finally touch a solid stone surface. He waves the torch signaling the other Pegasus. “Boss I think we hit rock bottom.”

The Earth pony looks down into the shaft. “Well can you see any…?” A loud scream echoes through the open. As the small flickering light of the torches vanish from sight. “Hay what is going on down there… Hay some pony better answers me…”

The earth ponies begin to back away as the ground begins to tremble and shake. “Boss let’s get the buck out of there!” The gruff earth pony stares in shock as suddenly a several large tentacles burst through the open. The ground below the digging site began to crumble. The earth pony froze in fear as the bizarre objects lash out like whips curling around several ponies several works and dragging them back in. Smoke began to rise and aloud growl rises from the pit the tentacles flail around weakly then collapse and simply wither away.

The brown earth pony remained curled up into a ball. Shivering the sight etched deep into his mind. Suddenly he lets out a startled cry as he scrambles to his feet and climbs out from the dig sight he galloped as far and fast as he could. His mind race the terror of what he saw echoed pushing to escape.

Five days after mining incident

“This is Harmony 01 only approaching the south west Saddle Arabia dig site. We have a couple of VIPs on board be advised over.” A large dirigible flies over the mining a large crater dug deep into one of the largest desert lands of Equestria.

Workers stop and bow as a royal chariot stops lands in the centre of the dig sight. “Your Majesty what an honour it is to have you grace us with your presence.”

Celestia nods, “not at all” She gazes upon the structure that was now mined from the dirt stone and sand. An ancient stone structure so huge it could put the royal palace to shame.

The grey unicorn rises back to stand position and places his hat back upon his head. "We believe it to be the Sun shrine during the premagical era such structures was supposedly the key to maintain a natural balance."

Several ponies make their way out from the shrine’s entrance. “Sir the passage is clear ready to send in exploration team.” A earth pony wearing a hard hat with an hourglass cutie mark informs him and bows to the princess before taking his leave.

The Grey unicorn nods, “Very good if you will excuse me your highness.”

Celestia shook her head, “Not at all in fact is this my reason for coming I would also like to see what wonders Equestria held before the Time of Magic.”

The Grey unicorn simply smiles, “But of course your majesty come we would not want the exploration team to start without us would we?”

“Alright every pony stay close we don’t need no wondering about. The artifacts within shall not be tampered with until we evaluate the entire interior of the Shrine.” A female earth pony says as puts on a hard hat. “Professor I want you to…”

She quickly bows, “your majesty I was unaware that you would be joining us. It is an honor.”

Celestia smiles, “There is no need for such formalities I am here to see firsthand what the ancient Equestrian society created what wonders this structure might hold.”

The Earth mare smiled, "alright boys in girls this is not a camping trip. Saddle up we are going in,"

“Professor Stones Worth please tell us about some of these structures?” A young male earth pony with a magnifying glass cutie mark points to a wall containing several symbols.

“Oh yes a capital idea my boy, you see it was believed that before Unicorn, Pegasus, and Alicorns there were simply earth ponies the first race of Equestria. Now today Focusing and Harnessing Equestria’s magical property is a mixture of science and training but back before the unicorn race it was a might tricky and had much more of a complex process. You see relics stored away in shrines like these harnessed magic. Select ponies now as consider in ancient text as priest would use the stones to change weather, control the sun, the moon, even save lives in times of great need. Of course using the magic back then had to be a dire emergency for there was simply no way to instantly gather it. Once an artifact was depleted of its power it was placed back in the temple were it might take years to before it could be used again. That is why my boy hundreds of temples contain thousands of relics was constructed sadly only a few temple with stood the passage of time.”

The Mare holds out a hoof stopping the group. “Alright this appears to be the first split in the path. Professor, The Princess, Tender Foot and I will take to the right. The rest of you go left meet back here in no less the thirty minutes.”

“Would you just look at the detail and craftsmanship isn’t it simply marvelous…” The Professor marvels at the architecture only to pause when he turned to meet an aggravated gaze.

“Professor I am glad you are enjoying yourself now please shut up!!!” The lead mare shouts in anger, “With all due respect of course.”

She turns to Celestia who seemed to be gazing at carvings over a sealed passage. “Your Highness I can’t tell you how honored we are to have you join on this expedition.”

Celestia pauses for a moment, “Oh… uh yes thank you.” She returns her gaze to the images.

“Your Majesty is something wrong.” The Professor asks making his way by her side.

“Oh it is nothing just I read several scrolls on Starswirl’s exploration into such shrines. He translated several similar markings. Now these are strange how this being the Shrine of the sun. But here it mentions these are the holding chambers of dimension.”

The professor's horn glows as he levitates a pair of glasses from his saddle to his maw. “Why so it is what a discovery… This is not the shrine of the sun but the shrine of conjuration. Behind this stone slab is the artifacts used to conjuring.”

The earth mare tilts her head as she looks at the strange symbols then turns to face the professor. "What exactly are they supposed to conjure?”

The professor shakes his head, “sorry to say I do not know. Many things I image material or supplies perhaps when it is scarce. Come now let’s see if it opens.”

The earth mare presses her form against the slab and begins to push with all her might but the stone slab would not budge.

“Here allow me.” Celestia’s horn glows with a bright radiance as did the stone slab there was a grinding noise as slab began to slide away.

“Your Majesty…” The earth mare watched in shock naturally alicorns are adapted to all kinds of magic but never has it been used for such a trivial task. Suddenly the slab comes to a stop the passage was open.

“Oh Capital, thank you your highness whatever lies within might simply be the discovery of the century.” The professor says as he takes first step into the passage way. The passage was short it entered into a large open room the interior was immense it had to take up at least a third of the overall structure. A strange device in the centre however did take up nearly three quarters of the space.

“Oh marvelous it looks like this device harnesses the magic needed to conjure during this time.”The professor exclaims in an excited tone. The device itself was a sphere containing several steel rings and gears where strategically placed throughout the room. Which would dictate when activated it would certainly move in some way, shape or form. There where glass bulbs located on the through the inside of the device each contain a crystal. Each had a dark crystal but was accompanied by a white one.

“Professor what is all this exactly.” the earth mare asks, “Well I think the machine contains two different kinds of magical elements. Both light and dark infused into one. Now the rings obviously must move. Back then the flow of magic was not channeled like that of the unicorns. So the device probably needs to move. In order to keep the flow of magical energies contained.”

Celestia makes her way around the device which lowered over head. She stops short of open crate of some kind. “Scrolls…?” She turns back to the grey unicorn. “Professor what are these?”

The Professor quickly trots over to here. “Well then let’s have a look.” He uses his magic to open the scrolls he carefully and gently unravels the material. He scan the symbols though some were faded he got a general grasp on what he was looking at. “Why I do believe these are used to activate the device.” He continues on to read further. “Shangri-La ura notura…” A slight breeze begins to flow the chambers. “Come forth child of Shangri-La…”

Suddenly torches along the walls burst into flames. Celestia gazes around for a moment, “It is okay I sense no dark essence here.” The professor clears his throat, “Well okay then Shangri-La ura notura come forth child of Shangri-La. Tura accum nortay extend pass the walls from time and space. Come forth the being of time and space come forth child of Shangri- La…”

There was a sudden spark as a magical surge sent a powerful vibration through the structure. There was a loud clanking as the gears began to turn causing the rings to spin and shift. Celestia marvels at the device as it begins come to life with motion and sound. A spark flashes in the centre as the rings pick up speed. A strong electrical discharge lashes out striking the glass bulb which was reflecting only to strike another. Faster and faster the device spun sending more vibration through the structure.

“Amazing simply amaze…?” A large chunk of stone crumble from the wall strikes the floor shattering it into smaller fragments. “Oh that is not good.” The Mare says as several cracks began to spread along the walls. The vibrations grew violent as it spreads even further reaching further. Ponies gasp and flee the sight as the exterior begins to crumble apart.

Celestia’s eyes widen as the structure begins to give way now even more rapidly “Quickly to gather together."The three other ponies gather close to her. Celestia's horn glows brightly as a barrier forms over them. A large chunk of the stone falls from the ceiling snapping one or the rings the device causing it to grind, squall Dirt and stone comes crashing down upon them.

Several minutes pass nothing happened silence complete silence. Hours pass, The Grey unicorn sighs in disappointment “Oh this is simply dreadful just awful. All of it gone the things that might learned now buried once again. It will take weeks of work to find anything if anything remains a...”

“Can it professor, your highness I am so sorry this happened.” The mare apologizes," This has never happened before I swear..." “No it is alright as long as I keep my magic focused on the barrier we will be safe. I am sure some pony will get us out of here.” Celestia says with a reassuring smile.

Suddenly there came a shift among the rubble. “Oh thank goodness, we’re saved…” Celestia goes silent as another stone was lifted free. Gazing down upon them was a creature not anything like ever seen before. Tall, bulky was this creature it lacked a lot of fur its mane was lack thereof but it did have a beard. The creature was a strange sight indeed,

The creature groans as it continues to clear the debris tell suddenly the pony were free. The creature slowly backs away giving them plenty of space.

“Professor what is this?” The mare asked in hushed low tone. “I assure you dear I have no idea.”

Princes Celestia steps forward, “PRINCESS!?” They shout in unison, Celestia stops but a couple inches from the creature. “Greetings I am Princess Celestia.”

The creature gives her a half baked smirk as he raises an eyebrow. “What the fuck is going on here?”

Author's Note:

This is the first time I have posted a story for the masses to read... Kind of nervous but excited, please I am open to all opinions just try to be fair it is my first story.

If liked got a couple more coming along based off this one kind of a continuation I originally wrote for my friends so yeah please enjoy and sorry for wasting your time if you did not...