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Harmony of a Different Kind: Equestria's Knight - Shadows Reborn

Feeling worthless and down on his luck Ron thought his life could not get worse. But his destiny is about to change in ways he never thought possible. As he plunged into a world of friendship and magic to confront a evil that goes back beyond time.

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the beginning of the end (re-edited)

“What the hell I mean seriously what the hell.” Ron grasps his head as he continues to stomp about in frustration.

Luna and Celestia look to one another not really sure what to say or do to calm the creature. To tell the truth never since there rules had begun had this ever happened. What were these new creatures? What were they doing to the ponies of Equestria? What was it that put the human is such a state of disarray?

“I am sorry I don’t have the answers this is as strange to us as yourself.” Luna replies with sympathetic tone.

“You must calm yourself whatever it was you saw it must have been terrible. However I am afraid losing your wits will only bring more problems.” Celestia says while giving him a stern look, instantly stopping him in his tracks.

Ten hours earlier

Ron stands before Luna much like Celestia she ponders the story of another world. This was reaction which was quickly becoming unnerving. It felt like they were accusing him of lying. Rather or not that was the case had yet to be seen.

“Look that is all there is to it I was there and now I am here. Wondering why the hell I am here and how I am going to get back there.” Ron gaze turns around as he hears the sound of a door slam from behind.

A dark colored Pegasus stood there back pressed against the door. His fur coat was tattered patches of fur was missing. Scars seem to bleed freely His mane and tail was no more as though his hair was literally ripped free. “Your Highness I fear something has forced its way into the castle. The night patrols the guards at the gate… Oh sweet Luna they are gone they are all gone!!!”

Luna rises from her throne, “Now calm down and explained who is in the castle. What has happened and how did you get in such a state sir guard.”

He gave out a loud cry of pain as something began to move beneath the ponies coat and flesh. Something deep tearing through every muscle in its body, Ron’s eyes narrow as it falls over clinching its stomach.

“Sir guard…” Luna begins to rises from her throne only to be stopped by Ron. She was taken back as the strange creature clearly dared to block her path. “I beg your pardon!” She demands in a royal tone.

“Shut up and look…” He points to the guard whose body began to crack and rip. Blood began to pour from the new wounds. Luna gasped in shock as she stepped beside the creature blocking her path. Ron simply watched as the events unfold. “We should probably run.”

Luna turns back to the suffering pony. As strange black tentacles began to slither from him rips in its body. “We can’t leave him, he needs help.”

Ron shook his head, “No when you know horror genres as well as I do. One of two things always comes to pass. A grim event either comes to pass and several die. That or a hero shows up and save all the remains in the nick of time.” He turns to Luna a serious look in his eye. “I have been having a terrible string of back luck for a while now.”

The creature gives out a loud shrill cry as it recovers to it hooves. Now suddenly the ponies back burst wide open several Tentacles lash out from its form. Tossing blood in every direction as it stumbles about slightly. It seemed to be in a haze for but a moment. As it suddenly recovers its composure its eyes fixated on the creature Ron felt a cold shiver as the creature stared him down. His gaze moved slightly as it came to his attention it was gazing at him no its eyes were focused on something else.

“Luna look out!” Was all he managed to say as the creature’s tentacles lashed out. Ron froze as he thought for sure he was dead the Tentacles seemed to be stuck in a purple like hue of what one might describe as a barrier. Ron turns around; Luna’s horn was glowing brightly.

There was a faint cracking sound rising from behind him. Luna grits her teeth as though maintain the spell was causing some kind of physical harm. Ron lunges at her tackling the lunar princess just as the spell was about to shatter. “It could break through my spell?” Luna asked in an exhausted tone. The creature roared as it flailed its tentacles around smashing through the princess’ throne and several nearby columns.

Ron Turns his head back as several creature moves closer its jaw bone gives off a loud sickening crack. It tissue ripped from the mouth clear to the base of the neck. Several smaller tentacles with claw like barbs spread from the new opening. In the centre of which was several roles of sharp teeth lay open. Ron turns back and looks down at the Luna with a worried expression on his face. “Princess not to pressure you but any way out of here is automatically a good one.” Luna’s horn flashes once more as they both vanish in a bright flash.

Ron pants heavily as they reappear in new area. So how teleporting felt like a bad option though granted it was there only one he was not about to complain. “Are thou alright,” Luna asks noticing Ron’s condition.

“Yes...Yes.” He manages to choke out between breaths. He waves a dismissive hand to here. “Lulu what brings you to my Chamber’s” Celestia asks as she rises from her slumber. Luna rushes up to her and throws her hooves around her sister. “Oh Tia something awful has found its way into the castle. It… It was…” Celestia shared a look of concerned for something to bring her sister to her room in this state must have been terrible.

A loud screech echoes through the room as Ron began pushing a dresser closer to the door. He then turns back and moves a large chest to block that. “What are you doing?” Celestia asks still confused on what exactly they might be dealing with. To date this human was the strangest creature yet. But being as he was there he could not possibly be the culprit. Then what suddenly a loud screech echoes throughout the castle. “What was that…? Where are all the guards?” Celestia ask rising to all four hooves.

Ron darts across the room and he uses the bed to step up and grab a sword that was hanging from the wall. “Well if I was a sleep I would say a really fucked up nightmare. Sense I am awake and being if everything I saw was real. You’re Majesties and with all due respect your kingdom is fucked.” He unsheathes the sword and gives it a few test swings. “Oh what I would give to have a gun right about now.” He says gazing down at the blade in hand.

There was a loud crash as the window is smashed open. Ron Quickly rushed over and peered outside a slight chuckle escaped him. “Oh shit… you… are not going to believe this.” A large mound of flesh, blood, and guts completely consumed to courtyard. The tentacles lash out striking the ground dragging the colossal abomination closer. Suddenly the creature began to vibrate. As a terrible low pitched sound echoes through the air. The castle trembled violently as all the windows of the structure explode. Luna and Celestia cry out as they bury their heads under their hooves. Ron grasps his ears the sound was as pain full as nails on a chalk board a millions time over.

Suddenly it grew silent Ron quickly gases around the room. “We must get out of here…” His sentence cut off as a Tentacle breaks through the door and swings wildly. Ron tightens the grip on the sword. Seizing his opportunity he swings as hard as he can severing half the limb. The creature outside the door cried out. As a strange black liquid oozed from the Tentacle at lay on the ground, but much to Ron shock it showed it was just as lively and violent as ever. As it flopped about the floor to make matters worse it did not seem to be bleeding if anything it appeared to be mending.

“What the f…” he was cut off once more as the castle shook violently. The sound echoes off the walls causing them to crack and give a little. The pain in his ears was nearing unbearable he could not hear anything. His eyes clinch shut as he falls to his knees. He felt a sudden sharp pain as the tentacle lashes our piecing the flesh. He could feel the tip slithering through his organs. Tries to grasp it but it quickly squirm through the opening vanishing inside of him. Ron grasped his stomach as a sudden feeling began to grow. The ringing in his ears began to fade instead was replaced by deep dark voice.

“Surrender your flesh, surrender your soul.” It rang out constantly as the pain grew worse. It far out does the pain of his ears as he screamed at the top of his lungs. He tossed about frantically the princess unable to assist him as they themselves where assaulted by the barrage of sound. Suddenly it goes quite once more. The pain also subsides in Ron’s gut his eyes open wide as he hops to his feet. He rushes to the princess’ side. “Teleport I don’t care where but not here anywhere but here.” Their horns both glow as they vanish shut as the noise begins to rise again.

Ron blinks a few times as the suddenly appear in a new structure. The palace it was made of, “Crystal damn it out all the places we go to the crystal empire.” Ron shakes his head disbelief he turns only to be met with several spears. “Fuck…”

“Lower those, he is with us and is under the protection of the royal sister of Equestria.” Celestia demand in an authoritative tone, the guards lower their weapons. “Thousand pardons your highness but we were not expecting your arrival or the arrival of this?” Ron shook his head he was beginning to wonder if every time someone sees him if he had to repeat step one again. “It can surely explain we seek an audience with princess Cadence. I fear the fate of Equestria might be at stake once more.”

Ten hours later

“Whatever this thing is I think losing our wits is the perfect reaction. I don’t even belong here now I don’t belong here and this place is going to hell. Here is the worst part I am along for the ride.” Ron raises his shirt to reveal a large scar over his stomach. “That thing got inside me no telling what it will do, can, has done. Damn it I can’t even think straight.” Sighs in frustration as the two princesses approach him.

“Look I know it is hard to understand but trust me when I say it will be fine.” Celestia says trying to give him a reassuring grin. “Yes this is very true and Equestria has faced strange anomalies before. Though we have not seen anything quite like this we are sure that we will find away to bring it to an end.” Luna says stomping her hoof. Ron simply sighed, he did not share their faith but what else could he do. This was not his world or his battle. Even so he was not a soldier nor did he want to be.

The large door swings open as two guards enter the royal chambers. “Princesses I am afraid we bare grave news scouts reported. Canterlot is in ruin and there is no sign of the creatures of which you speak.” The three of them look at one another.

The guards step aside allowing another pony passage. Ron’s eyes widen as Princess Cadence enters the room. “I am only lacking one from completing the collection.” he mumbles to himself. Cadence circles him for moment. “I do not know what to make of this predicament. I am afraid with all you have told me it sound just so unbelievable.” Cadence added while poking Ron with hoof. Celestia sighs, “It is hard to believe but I assure you all what we told is true. Canterlot was attacked by a creature the likes I have never saw before.”

Cadence breathes a sigh, “I just need to know could spread all the way here. Could it spread to all of Equestria?” Suddenly there came a sharp pain this time it was in his head. You cannot run you cannot hide for we will find you once the all of this world is mine. The voice goes silent once more as the pain subsides. “Think… I think it has already begun.”

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I like it hope you keep it up.

6047124 I plan to as son as I can get it all together. Bu the good part is yet to come that was just giving the origin story of the darkness.

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