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I am an inspiring writer and the best way to practice my writing is by writing fanfics. My favorite shippings are Fluttercord and Darzotl,(daring do and ahuizotl)


Editing The Winter Pearl Story · 8:12pm Nov 3rd, 2018

Hey everyone!
Yes, it has been a while but I was re reading my fan fiction, the winter pearl with Daring and Ahuizotl and I decided that I could improve on the story and fix a few mistakes. I have done the first five chapters already. So if you are curious and what to read what I had changed. You can do that and I'll greatly appreciate it.

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Cover art by ChaosQueen for Daring Do and the winter pearl · 3:56am Nov 26th, 2015


the link above in the cover for my fanfic of Daring Do and the search of the winter pearl. It is so awesome of her to do this, and I can't believe I forgot to post it, but i have been having difficulty of putting the pic on my cover using my mac computer, but I wanted to share this regardless. Please give it a look and leave a comment of how awesome it is! ^_^

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Cover Art by ChaosQueen · 2:57am Jul 12th, 2015

This beautiful cover art was created by ChaosQueen on Fimfiction for one of my stories.

It was a one shot called “The Unnecessary Love Triangle of Daring Do”

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Do you need a screen play writer? · 5:04am Dec 29th, 2014

Hey I just want to offer my services to anyone who might need a screen play writer. Either it be for a radio play drama, video game, or a short animation.
I would like to put my works out there and be more into the community of mlp.
I do like to keep a professional relationship and if you wish to discuss with me, please contact me with a PM message.

What I will not do:

-No NSFW stuff
-intense swearing or violence (I'm good with some, but let's not go overboard.)

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Horror story starring daring do and Ahuizotl · 5:13am Jul 15th, 2014

I decided to write my very first horror story about daring do and Ahuizotl as the main charectors. There won't be any romance. Just horror. I want to practice my writing skills with this new genre.
So expect it to be up very soon.

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Editor wanted!!! · 11:25pm May 10th, 2014

Hey every pony I need at least anouther editor and proofreader to help me with my stories and they will collab with me and my other editor LeapingRiver.
Please PM if you are interested ^_^ they will help me on google docs.

No creeps please, let's be professional
I have a thing about swearing, so no swear words.

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Daring do audio drama of the search of the winter pearl? · 2:57am Apr 28th, 2014

This has been on my mind for a while now and I'm not saying that I am doing it right now. I might need to finish the FanFiction first but do you guys think it's a good idea? I have no idea how to do an audio drama so I may need help. But what do you guys think? Do you see this happening?

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Discord in S4 · 9:45pm Nov 23rd, 2013

Season 4 premire and Discord

So, Discord.


He was the ultimate Troll. I am so happy to see him again, and how he trolled everypony saying that the weeds wasen't him.
I was defending him until he said that he was the one who planted them.
I also liked how he was in Fluttershy's cottage, is he living there? or secretly living there?
I mean where does he live?
I also loved the diffrent outfits they put him in, including that maid outfit.
I was cracking up.

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Season 4 · 6:00pm Nov 21st, 2013

Hey everyone

whoever is reading this, I am very excited for season 4 and to see Discord again.
There was a lot of mystery surrounding Discord and how he was imprison the way he was, as anyone could guess it looked like he was singing.
What was he singing? I can only guess, they type of style, a guess as well.
But here are my guesses.

-fast pace song
-fast singing(with no chance of getting air)
-proberly having something to do with him coming back from stone or conquering equestria

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