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Welcome to my page! Enjoy!


Upcoming casting call! · 6:42pm 3 hours ago

I'm doing a YouTube holiday special! I'll be doing a casting call within the next week, looking for voices! Stay tuned! I'll be sharing the link here for the video explaining it very soon!

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A note to all: I am willing to take constructive criticism for my work. But it must be constructive. If it is not, your comment will be ignored.

If you do check it out I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

I'll check it out my friend! I'm working on a couple fics too.

I remember you!

Since you've got back on this site, can I interest you in my Wilyverse stories? The first book is Wildfire: Lighting the Flame.

I got back into fimfiction just after Bronycon ended, and stumbled upon our previous conversation about Sisters! I was JacklynDarcel at that time. I wrote Pink and Red.

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