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After being married for almost 20 years, Applejack would love to say that being with Rainbow Dash has been everything she ever wanted. But...they never had foals. Will this be a major problem for them? Or will love win the day?
Takes place after the show finale.
My entry into the "AppleDash Go Big Or Go Home" contest!

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A cupcakes parody story and other tales from the magical land of equestria!

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Rainbow Dash has been away from the school of friendship for a while, and Fluttershy is very worried. She decides to go to her friends home to check on her, only to find that something awful has happened.

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Pinkie's other Pinkies have just created more Pinkies out of the Magic Mirror pool. When she panics about what everyone will think once they see what happened, a dark part of her emerges. Will this solve the problem?
Follow the link to hear my reading of it on youtube: https://youtu.be/vgyoFoR76Fw

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