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Waking up late, a bad breakfast, a thankless job and a weird girlfriend make her life suck. It's nothing she can't deal with though, just sigh and move on.
Inspired from a conversation on /mlp/.

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Really like the composition of this. It feels so normal but yet so funny! Keep up the good :derpytongue2:

Congratulations Bon-Bon you're the new Francis. :rainbowlaugh:

hah, nerds. that got me good.

I could not agree more, you know I never thought about how much the Mane Six honestly have it easy, do something hectic and it get shrugged off, of course, battling and winning against Gods and saving an entire nation, twice may have something to do with it, still...not everyone can be the hero.

I'm not a fan of Bon-Bon, would rather this story be down with somepony like...Colgate, or Berry Punch or Roseluck but honestly you did a very good job, I had fun and it gave me insight I never noticed about the Mane Six, we need more background pony stories:rainbowlaugh:

Love, love, LOVE this fanfic. It's down-to Earth and likely relatable for some people. Props to you, OP... along with the rest of the plane.

2713735 XD so much like my life except i cant sleep if there is another person in my bed.

I enjoyed this story. :twilightsmile: I think you could add a little more to it to make it seem less rushed and give it an editing pass. Otherwise, you're golden. :)

Well done! Things aren't so easy for every pony in Ponyville!

I loved this short story.

You've earned a Fav'd and a new follower.

I love the narration style and her nonchalant attitude. This is a great example of a day in the life of.. kind of story. Idk why, but I enjoy the soliloquy style a lot, just seems like how a character would normally talk to themselves in a natural way when they're just talking to themselves for no reason.

I'd love to see a continuation of this in some shape or form in the future.

Was digging through my old folders and this image came up
Googled it on a whim and your story appeared. Thanks for the nostalgia.

Bonnsy and Cherryberrs are pulling garbage carts side-by-side with Cherry telling Bon-bon a joke in Putting Your Hoof Down.


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