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Tales of Apple Scratch: The Lieutenant Cloud Kicker - Mariacheat-Brony

[humanized] (a side story to Apple Scratch) What drove Cloud Kicker into joining the guards? How did her training go? Who

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Prologue: When a small cloud discovers apples

“Are you sure you’re going to be ok, Cloud?” Nimbus Kicker, a Jupitarian woman with short brown hair, asked to her seven year old daughter as she was dropping her in front of her new school.

“You’ve asked ten times already, Mom,” Cloud Kicker, a two-toned blonde haired girl with small fuschia wings spread on her back replied in an annoyed tone. “It’s going to be fine! School can’t be that much different in here than in Cloudsdale.”

“OK.” Nimbus sighed with a small smile. “Be a good girl and don’t get into trouble,” she added before hugging her daughter.

“Mom, don’t you have to go to work?” Cloud asked, her cheeks red from embarrassment.

After her mother took off to her job in the weather patrol, Cloud hovered slowly toward the schoolhouse. She looked around, noticed that she was the only kid with her wings spread. Knowing that a lot of Jupitarians lived in town, mostly employees of the weather management team, she found odd that she didn’t spot any other Jupitarian kid with his or her wings spread.

Cloud landed on top of the school’s climbing frame before watching with curiosity all the other kids coming into the schoolyard for the first day of the school year. She frowned a little when she saw none of them arrive by flying or teleporting, they all came to school on foot or through carriage. Despite seeing horses drawing said carriages for the first time of her life, -- After all, it was very hard to breed horses when you lived on clouds.-- she couldn’t help to be a bit disappointed.

When her parents told her that they had to move out in a town near Canterlot, she had imagined tons of different peoples doing things she had never seen before, such as Titanians teleporting around instead of walking or Eponians running at a speed that could make flying speedsters look like they moved in slow motion.

Clearly, she had read too many stories about mythological heroes of the other races. Heroes such as Puddinghead, one of the six founders of Equestria, said to be an eight foot tall giant stronger than hundred men, or Starswirl the Bearded, the most powerful mage in history, who was able to protect his city from a Windigo’s attack with a single spell during the Long Winter.

Having no elements of comparison in Cloudsdale as only Jupitarians could live there, Cloud had assimilated what the story told about those extraordinary people as a general truth about what common Eponians and Titanians were capable.

Added to the fact that the first years of school in Cloudsdale were mainly to teach how to fly and how to interact with weather magic safely instead of history of the three races, it was rather understandable that Cloud held on so much to those stories being actual facts.

She had sadly found out that those stories weren’t really factual. So far, all the people she had seen since her arrival in Ponyville a couple of days ago were not at all like what she had imagined they were. Well, that might have changed when she saw a cart driven by the tallest man she had ever seen stopping in front of the school.

The driver was around six feet and a half tall and was wearing a brown hat on top of blond-orange hair. Cloud had never seen a hat like that one. With the strong winds in Cloudsdale, hats weren’t really fashion standards.

Soon enough, her attention went to the four other passengers. Cloud noticed a rather tall boy with the same hair color as the driver jump off the cart, have what looked like a serious conversation with his father before entering in the schoolyard. Cloud quickly shift her gaze to the persons at back of the carriage: a beautiful blonde woman with her two daughters.

The woman and one of her daughter, the one that looked exactly like a smaller version of her mother, looked like they were trying to gently convince her other daughter to let go of her. What surprised Cloud was how different the two girls were from one and another.

The one who needed to be convinced had deep blue hair with electric blue streaks in it while her sister was blonde just like their mother. The blue haired girl also looked paler and tinier than her sister.

“She’s probably younger than the other,” Cloud whispered to herself.

The blue haired girl finally let go of her mother, who gave her a last reassuring kiss on the forehead, before getting down of the cart with her sister, firmly holding her blonde sister’s hand. The two sisters said goodbye to their father before heading to the schoolhouse as the bell started to ring.

“Oh, well.” Cloud jumped from the top of the climbing frame. “Time to get in class,” she added before slowing her fall with wings to land delicately on the ground.

Cloud had to wait in front of the classroom with the blue haired girl she had seen before the bell rang. Apparently, they were the two new students in the class, so they had to introduce themselves to the others.

Cloud was surprised to see the blue haired girl in the same class as her. She did look one or two years younger than her at least. As the teacher was announcing them to the rest of her classmates, Cloud noticed that the girl at her right was extremely nervous, despite having her gaze locked on her sister’s reassuring smile. The teacher asked the blue haired girl to speak up.

“Hmm, hi,” the blue haired girl said with a slightly trembling voice. “My name’s Vinyl Almata Apple Scratch. I’m six years old, nearly seven... And... huh.... I look forward spending the rest of the year with you,” Vinyl said in a tone that showed that she wasn’t totally convinced by what she was saying.

Cloud tilted her head in confusion at the reactions of her new classmates. As soon as Vinyl said her name, they started to whisper among themselves with a mix of curious and doubtful expressions. Even the teacher cocked an eyebrow at the nervous girl’s name. The only one who didn’t react ‘badly’ was Vinyl’s sister who nodded with an encouraging smile, ignoring some of her classmates calling her.

“Ok, Vinyl, you can go sit wherever you want,” the teacher said casually. “And now....” He frowned when he looked at Cloud as Vinyl quickly sat next to her sister. “Girl, you probably don’t know it yet, but I must ask you to dissipate your wings, it’s against the school’s rules.”

Cloud looked at her fuschia wings with a puzzled frown. Dissipating her wings was something she only did to go to sleep, as wings were essential for her former daily life in Cloudsdale, and because sleeping with small wings conjured was just uncomfortable if you wanted to sleep on your back.

“Why?” she asked with curiosity.

“To make all our students realize that all races are equal,” the teacher replied.

“Why would you do that?” Cloud asked with confusion. “They aren’t equal at all!”

A pregnant silence filled the room after Cloud’s remark. As the teacher frowned with a restrained anger at the new pupil who was growing more and more scared and embarrassed at every second passing.

The teacher had known a lot of people who were saying the same thing as Cloud. Mostly Cloudsdalians who spent their time to bully Eponians around when he was kid. Bullies who thought that their ability to fly and to control weather made them superior to others. The teacher hated that sort of people more than anything else.

“Your name?”

“Huh... Cloud Kicker, sir.”

“And where are you from, Ms. Kicker?”

“I’m from Cloudsdale,” Cloud replied uneasily.

“Looks like living in the clouds does make you think you stand above others,” the teacher muttered with an angry scowl. “Care to elaborate your view on this rather prickly debate?”

“My what on what?” Cloud asked in confusion.

“Why do you think that the three races aren’t equal?” the teacher explained, trying to be as calm as possible.

“Oh, well that’s obvious,” Cloud replied, glad to have finally understood what was asked of her. “We simply can’t do the same things. Eponians are capable of tours de force that Jupitarians and Titanians can only dream about doing themselves. As for what Titanian magic can do, it’s so cool: being able to makes things fly around, to transform things into others....” she began her explanation with a very visible excitement.

The teacher was pleasantly surprised as Cloud kept on telling what Eponians and Titanians could do and why it made them so cool to her. Her explanation quickly diverted to what she had read in mythological tales, earning chuckles from the others pupils and the teacher as Cloud made it sound like those tales were the actual truth.

“What’s so funny?” Cloud asked softly, blushing in embarrassment.

“You do know that not every Titanian can do what Starswirl the Bearded could, right?” the teacher asked, his anger completely vanished as he had realized that Cloud wasn’t like the typical arrogant from Cloudsdale at all. “Or that people as strong and tall as Puddinghead aren’t really the sort you meet at every corner?”

“Well, I know that now....” Cloud whispered with a pout.

“If you have Eponians and Titanians in such high esteem, why did you say that they aren’t equal?” the teacher asked with curiosity.

“Huh, I just told you why,” Cloud replied with a puzzled expression.

“No, you’ve just pointed out their different abilities...” the teacher remarked.

“Well, if their abilities are different, that means they’re not equal, right?” Cloud asked.

The teacher blinked for a couple of seconds before realizing something. “What exactly do you understand by being equal?”

“Huh.” Cloud searched for her words. “When two persons are equal it’s like they aren’t different from each other at all,” Cloud suggested hesitantly. “Kinda like in arithmetic...”

The teacher blinked again at her answer before he started chuckling softly. Said chuckles quickly turned to a good hearted laughing fit.

“That’s not it?” Cloud asked with worry.

“Not exactly,” the teacher answered with kindness. “It’s a little more complex than in arithmetic.” he noticed the defeated frown on her face. “Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong. You just misunderstood what I meant. Go find a seat, and dissipate your wings, please,” he demanded softly.

“Ok.” Cloud nodded, relieved to not having angered her new teacher, before doing as instructed and finding a free desk at the back of the class.

“Ok, kids!” The teacher tapped his hands together. “Normally, we start the year with nice exercises so that you can get to know each other. But since you practically all already know each other from last year, we.... Yes, Jacquelyn?” the teacher asked as Jacquelyn, Vinyl’s supposed sister, raised her hand.

“Sir, what about Vinyl?” Jacquelyn asked. “She don’t know anyone except me!....”

“Doesn’t!” the teacher corrected without thinking. “As for your cousin, then...”

“Sister!” Jacquelyn interjected.

“Pardon?” the teacher asked, cocking a surprised eyebrow.

“Vinyl’s ma sister, not ma cuzin!” Jacquelyn insisted, causing a lot of conversations between the rest of her classmates.

“Children, be quiet!” the teacher said loudly, hoping to end all conversations in an instant.

“Jacquelyn, don’t lie like that!” a boy with short brown hair, sitting behind the blonde nearly shouted.

“Ah ain’t lyin’, Caramel!” Jacquelyn retorted loudly as she turned around to face the shouting boy.

“Jacquelyn, we’ve known you since forever,” a girl with spiked, silvery grey hair said from the back of the class. ”We know that you only have an older brother and no sister!”


The teacher didn’t notice as he tried to regain control of his class, but that last comment caused Vinyl to start crying a little, her head hanging low as she tried to hide her tears from everyone who was now staring her.

“Well, Ah do now!” Jacquelyn shouted, angered by her sister’s tears.

“Liar!” Caramel shouted back at her. “She can’t be your sister! She doesn’t even look like you!”

At this, Vinyl sprung from her chair and ran to the door before anyone could stop her, tears rolling along her cheeks. Her right hand shined in a blue aura before a loud blue explosion blasted the door open, letting the way open for her.

“Vinyl, wait!” Jacquelyn shouted, concern taking the place of anger in her voice.

The blonde stood from her desk before punching Caramel in the nose, making the young boy yelp in pain before falling from his chair, his hands pressed on his nose.

“That’s fer makin’ ma sister cry!” Jacquelyn groaned before running after her sister in the corridor. “Vinyl, wait for me!” she shouted before disappearing into the corridor with the teacher on her heels, calling after the two girls.

“Well, at least that resembled a little to what I’ve read about what Eponians and Titanians could do,” Cloud commented, chuckling mockingly at her injured boy, as the class was without any supervision. “Serves you right!” she added for Caramel

When Caramel stood back up, he turned around to glare angrily at Cloud as the rest of the pupils turned their shocked and frightened gazes at her.

“Did I just say that outloud?”

Her closest classmates nodded with a blank expression as Cloud remembered a wise sentence from her mother:

Be a good girl and don’t get into trouble.

“Monkey feathers!” Cloud muttered. “It didn’t even take me one full class to do the exact opposite!”

After that incident, Cloud had seen neither hide nor hair of the two sisters during the rest of the day. She had tried to understand why her classmates reacted like they did when Jacquelyn claimed that Vinyl was her sister. She thought of asking them, but they were all avoiding her for some reason.

The reason was actually that Caramel and some of his friends were pissed off at her for mocking him in the classroom. Cloud had been a bit scared when Caramel, now with a rather ridiculous bandaid on his nose, and his three friends tried to corner her during recess. But her fear didn’t last long, for she found out that Caramel and his friends were all four Eponians, and that they were mediocre climbers.

Cloud spent most of that day’s recesses on top of the climbing frame, mocking the four boys’ attempts to climb up to get her. She had to recognize that they were stubborn and kept on trying harder after every time they failed. Just like Eponians were supposed to do, according to the tales she had read in Cloudsdale. Cloud was happy that at least something she knew about the other ‘races’ was actually true.

The school day now over, Cloud was still on top of the climbing frame, waiting for her mother or her father to come pick her up. Her parents had told her that they might not be there for when the school ended, but Cloud didn’t mind. She kept staring at sky from the top of her perch. It was odd for her to watch the clouds move from below them instead of watching the ground slide from above the clouds.

Nearly all kids of her year were already gone. Caramel and his group left among the first ones, not without waving goodbye at Cloud, much to the concerned party’s incomprehension. At some point, Cloud stopped staring at the sky, and decided to look around the schoolyard.

“What the..?”

Cloud cocked an eyebrow as she spotted a familiar blue haired girl jumping to grab what an older boy with spiky black hair was levitating in a white magic aura above her. Cloud took off her perch and flew toward the girl and the boy. As she hovered above them, she noticed that the boy was levitating a small, red and round thing that Cloud had never seen before.

“Give it back!” Vinyl cried as she jumped as the bully floated her stuff in her reach before lifting it higher. “It’s my apple!”

“You’ll have to jump higher than that, shorty!” the bully mocked the little girl, lifting the apple higher above his head.

Cloud hovered down to delicately land her right foot on top of the boy’s head before snatching the apple from the white magic aura that kept it floating in the air.

“Hey, what’s that you’re fighting for?” Cloud asked with curiosity, her eyes focused on the red apple, as Vinyl had called it, in her hand.

“HEY! GET OFF MY HEAD YOU!” the boy bellowed with anger.

The bully tried to grab Cloud’s ankles but missed as the Jupitarian took a few feet of altitude with two flaps of her wings. Vinyl watched in awe the winged girl fly up before letting herself drop her foot on his skull a little more heavily than before, causing the bully to yelp in surprise before tumbling on the ground. Vinyl couldn’t help to giggle softly at the scene.

Her giggles were interrupted as Cloud was surrounded by the same white aura that surrounded Vinyl’s apple a minute ago.

“What the?” Cloud asked in a panic as she couldn’t move her wings, or any other part of her body for the matter. “What’s going on?”

“Let her go!” Vinyl shouted as the bully stood up before pushing her on the ground.

“Shut up!” the boy yelled before turning his attention on Cloud. “Tell me, if you break those magic wings, do you actually feel the pain?” he asked with a sadistic grin.

At that question, Cloud’s eyes snapped wide open with fear.

“Hold on...” she began with a shaking voice.

“I guess I’ll find out in a minute....”

“I SAID LET HER GO!” Vinyl yelled before a small blue explosion sent the bully toppling a few meters away.

“Wahaaaa!” Cloud panicked as the magic grip around her dissipated itself, letting her drop to the floor. “Pheww!” She sighed in relief when she managed to flap her wings strong enough to hover a few inches above the ground, thus avoiding the impact.

“You okay?” Vinyl asked with concern.

“I’m fine, thanks,” Cloud said. “Why didn’t you do that earlier?” she asked with an impressed tone.

“Did what?”

“That blue explosion thingy! That was so cool!”

“Oh...” Vinyl blushed at the compliment. “Huh, I didn’t do it on purpose... it just happens sometimes.”

“Awwww,” Cloud sighed in disappointment. “That’s too bad.”

“I’m so gonna kick the....” the bully growled as he stood up, only to be rammed back to ground by an angry blonde little girl, Vinyl’s sister, Jacquelyn.

“Ya leave them alone, Neon!” Jacquelyn said angrily. “Or Ah’m gonna tell ma big brother on ya!”

“Too bad he isn’t here!” Neon said furiously.

“Hum-hum!” a masculine voice with an accent similar to Jacquelyn’s chimed in from behind Vinyl and Cloud.

“Mac!” Vinyl and Jacquelyn beamed at the newcomer, who Cloud recognized as the tall boy who had arrived in the same carriage as the two sisters earlier today.

Cloud had guessed that he was rather tall for a boy this morning, but seeing him from close changed her definition of tall. Mac was easily a head taller than Neon who towered over Cloud with at least a foot and a half. Not to mention that Mac was way more sturdier than Neon.

“Howdy, Neon,” Mac said in a cold, casual tone. “Watcha doin’?”

“Huh, nothing, Mac,” Neon stammered in fear.

“Liar!” Cloud accused him loudly. “You made Vinyl cry by taking her apple away and making her jump to catch it!”

“Is that true, Sugar?” Mac asked softly as he kneeled next to the blue haired girl who nodded vigorously. “Ya go ‘round bullyin’ ma little sis, Neon?” he asked the bully coldly before standing up.

“Wowow! She’s your little sister?” Neon asked incredulously, pointing at Vinyl who stuck her tongue out at him.

“Eeeyuuup!” Mac said, cracking his knuckles in a threatful way.

“Since when?” Neon asked, slowly backing away from the taller boy.

Cloud cocked an eyebrow at that question.

“None of yer business!” Mac replied sternly.

Neon stared at Mac, then at Vinyl, then back at Mac before taking a deep breath and swelling out his chest with a stern, brave face.

Then he turned around to run away in fright, only to be chased by Mac. Both boys got out of the sight of the three girls when they turned the corner of the school house. The three girls giggled when they heard Neon’s voice let out a high pitched scream of terror. When their laughter died out, Cloud gave Vinyl her apple back.

“Here!” Cloud smiled. “I wonder why he tried to take it from you...”

“Huh, it’s my snack,” Vinyl explained.

“That’s food?!” Cloud asked with wide eyes.

“O’ course it is!” Jacquelyn answered, cocking an eyebrow at the winged girl. “Ya never had an apple before?”

“This is actually my first time seeing one,” Cloud replied softly.

“Really?” Cloud nodded. “Here! Have a bite then!” Vinyl suggested happily as she extended the apple to Cloud.

“No, it’s ok!” Cloud shook her head. “It’s yours, I’ll taste one some other time.”

“You’re right. It’s mine, and I don’t mind sharing it with a friend,” Vinyl explained with a smile, earning a nod of approval from her sister.

“All right, then.”

Cloud grabbed the red apple before taking a small bite of it. She masticated with attention for a couple of seconds under the watchful gaze of the two sisters. Cloud slowly swallowed before standing still with an impassible expression.

“That.... That’s the sweetest thing I ever ate!” Cloud said with a happy grin.

“Apples are sure as sugar the best fruit in all of Equestria,” Jacquelyn assured with pride.

“Well, I’ve never really had any fruits before but I’m willing to bet you're right!” Cloud said happily, returning the apple to Vinyl who took a voracious bite of it before passing it to her sister.

They sat in triangle, chatting about Ponyville and Cloudsdale. Vinyl and Jacquelyn were in awe at the everything Cloud was telling about the City in the sky, while she was exactly the same at how they describe their town or their family’s farm.

Their chat sort of became a small picnic when Jacquelyn pulled a few more apples out of her schoolbag. Cloud discovered that they were all kinds of apples; green, yellow, red, red with yellow patches, green with red patches... Jacquelyn had explained all different names of the apples she had brought, but Cloud couldn’t really remember them as she was confused by the fact Jacquelyn made the comparison between the fruits and some of her relatives who apparently had the same name.

“Say,” Cloud asked slowly after a while. “How come you didn’t come back in class, earlier?”

Vinyl looked at the ground. “Well, huh... I didn’t feel like coming back after... what happened,“ she explained with sadness before being hugged by Jacquelyn.

“Why didn’t you go back to your home then?”

“Well, it’s rather far from here,” Jacquelyn explained. “We ain’t allowed to go back without our big brother with us, so we had to wait for him.”

“Quite normal, I suppose,” Cloud assented before remembering something from earlier. “Why did everyone acted like that? I mean.... They all seemed very surprised that you two are sisters.” The two sisters looked at each other with a knowing gaze, Jacquelyn grabbing Vinyl’s hand reassuringly. “I mean I got a bit surprised because I’m new around here, and because you have blue hair while she’s blonde,” Cloud pointed at Vinyl then at Jacquelyn. “But they looked pretty damn shocked.”

“That might be because I didn’t even know Jacquelyn until two month ago....” Vinyl explained slowly with a trembling and pained voice.

“Huh?” Cloud tilted her head in confusion.

“I....I’m not really Jacquelyn’s sister... Mac’s not my real brother... Same for Mommy and Daddy...” Tears started to fill Vinyl’s red eyes. “... I ran away from my first home and somehow manage to get here at the beginning of summer... Jacquelyn found me when I was eating apples on her family’s farm.” She sniffed loudly, rubbing her tears away with the back of her hand. “They said I could stay with them if I wanted to, and I never left the farm before today...”

“Wow.” Cloud let out with a blank tone, too shocked to say anything else.

“You’re going to hate me, right?” Vinyl asked with a sob. “Just like the others in class, you’d ’not want to stay friend with a liar like me...”

“Vinyl....” Jacquelyn whispered softly.

“Me? Hate you?” Cloud asked loudly, finally breaking out of her shock, and startling the two other girls. “Are you not right in the head or something?”

“Huh?” Vinyl asked in confusion.

“Why would I hate my first friend because of something like that?” Cloud asked. “Well, I may envy you a bit but that’s not the point.”

“You envy me?” Vinyl asked with surprise. “Why?”

“Because, even if you’ve known them for two months only, you’ve got an awesome big brother and a cool sister!” Cloud explained while Jacquelyn smiled with a small blush at the compliment.

“But they’re not my real....”

“From my point of view, only real siblings would punch someone in class for making you cry, or go after the one that bullied you.” Cloud interrupted Vinyl with a smile.


“Plus, you’re way too cool for me to hate you!” Cloud said cheerfully.

“I’m cool?” Vinyl asked incredulously.

“Yeah, you’re nice, you’re fun to talk with, and you can do those blue explosions!” Cloud explained excitedly.

Vinyl blushed with small smile, her tears now completely absent on her face. “I can’t do them at will, you know?” she said sheepishly.

“It will come with time,” Cloud assured. “Heck, I remember when these used to conjure and dissipate randomly whenever I tried to fly...” She fluttered her fuschia wings for a bit. “... Luckily, the floor was made of clouds back then,” Cloud winked playfully as the two girls chuckled happily at her tale.

“Girls, time to go home,” Mac said as he walked to them, rubbing his hands with a triumphant grin.

“Okay,” the two sisters said happily before standing up.

“What did you do to Neon, Mac?” Vinyl asked.

“Ah put him back in his place. He won’t bother ya anymore,” Mac smiled. “So, Vinyl, ya want a shoulder ride back home?”

“YAY!” Vinyl cheered.

“All right then!” Mac chuckled while lifting his blue haired little sister to make her sit on his rather large shoulders.

“Hey, what about me?” Jacquelyn protested.

“Yer too fat for shoulder ride.” Mac joked as Vinyl loudly stuck her tongue at her sister.

“Ah ain’t fat!” Jacquelyn shouted, tapping her tiny arm fiercely. “That’s pure Apple Family muscle!”

“If ya say so... But Vinyl’s still lighter than ya, so she has the right to a shoulder ride,” Mac explained.

“Fiiine! But Ah get a piggyback ride fer the way home tomorrow!” Jacquelyn claimed.

“O’ course!” Mac nodded before picking his backpack and Vinyl’s schoolbag up with his right hand. “Let’s go!” he said before walking to the school gate.

“Bye, Cloud!” Vinyl waved at her new friend.

“Bye, Vinyl! Seeya tomorrow!” Cloud waved back as Vinyl nodded happily.

“Cloud, thanks,” Jacquelyn said softly as she stayed behind her siblings a bit.

“Thanks for what?” Cloud asked with curiosity.

“For what ya said to Vinyl about Mac and me,” Jacquelyn explained with a small smile. “She needed to hear that from someone outside the family. Also thanks for being her friend!”

“Any time!” Cloud winked.

“Seeya tomorrow!” Jacquelyn said before catching up with her siblings.


Cloud watched the three siblings until they went out of her sight, munching on the last apple she had left. After that, she turned her attention back to the sky, spotting her mother flying toward school from afar. Cloud decided to take off to her halfway, throwing her apple core in the school garbage truck as she flew above it.

“Owww!” a pained voice shouted from the garbage truck.

Cloud looked down, and had to bite her lip to not laugh at what she saw. Neon was lying in the garbage truck, rubbing his forehead with a pained grunt, an apple core lying next to his head.

Cloud grinned devilishly as an idea came down to her. Her left hand got surrounded by a white foggy aura before she made her forefinger move in circles. A tiny white cloud, merely bigger than a soccer ball, slowly appeared above the bully’s head, unbeknownst to said bully. The newly formed cloud turned light grey in a matter of seconds before Cloud clacked her fingers.

Neon suddenly received an ice cold shower directly from the cloud which slowly begin to disappear as it was losing all its water on the ‘trashed’ bully below it. Neon tried get out of the rain and the garbage truck, only to slip on the wet litter and to fall head first in a disgusting brown puddle formed by the trash and the rainwater.

“That’s for threatening to ‘break’ my wings!” Cloud laughed at the bully’s misery before flying to her mother.

Ponyville wasn’t really what she had expected it to be, but it was fun nevertheless. Cloud had tasted something she had never eaten before and already made two friends. It wasn’t what she had imagined, but it was worth it. Who knew what Ponyville could bring her next?

Author's Note:

Here goes,

I don't think this story will be a long one, (compared to the rest of the Apple Scratch series)
I'll just show a few major events of Cloud Kicker's past. (around a dozen of chapters... maybe more, maybe less)
Also, the updates won't be as often as The main Apple Scratch plot line or GTVS.

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed it.

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