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Star Sage

Into many types of stories, though I'll admit, the most prevalent and enjoyable are vore and micro/macro situations. Founder of the group: Ponies, Big and Small


Some short scenes I did for benzema2912 over Skype, because I was bored, or losing in whatever videogame I happened to be playing. He likes growth, and pays well for it, so I did these to get a bit more money out of the sucke....completely nice man who enjoys reading my writings.

Anyway, as always, commissioned stories, bought by benzema2912. If interested in getting something for yourself, ask, and we'll see about something. For now, enjoy some scenes of ponies growing out of proportion.

First Scene: Rainbow Dash gets a bit too big for her britches. Then her bedroom. Then most of Equestria, before ending up as one more pearl in the sky.

Second Scene: Spitfire has just started a big day at the academy, and pins a medal on her chest that starts to make even her day feel small by comparison.

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