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Twilight has gotten several visitors at her home for a 'conference' of sorts between the various peoples of her world and beyond. Zecora represents the Zebras, Ember the Dragons, Thorax the Changelings, Gilda the Griffons, and Sunset...represents Sunset herself, with a perspective granted by her time on the other side of the mirror.

Great strides in understanding are made, as discussions take place, and Twilight documents it all. Cultural touchstones are exchanged, traditions are shared, and most of all, new friends are made, while old friendships grow stronger. Things are in fact, going far better than one would expect.

That makes Luna suspicious. Things simply do not go this well when dealing with foreign powers, in her experience, and as she waits for the other horseshoe to drop, she decides to be proactive, and has five of her best Nightguard bat ponies do a bit of surreptitious observation, using her magic to make them all but invisible, just as dinner time rolls around.

This was an idea I had kicking around inside my head for a few weeks, and with the assistance of Shrunken LittleBro12 I was able to make something of it. He and I co-wrote this in a sort of Round Robin fashion, each taking over where the other left off, see if you can tell where the trade offs happened.:raritywink:

Oh, special thanks to Autismo555 who helped with the editing of the piece, and here's hoping you guys like it.

Tagged Teen for Unaware Macro/Micro interactions, including body explore, being sat on, and vore stuff. Please Read before you rate.

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“For Ember, I made my best Rock Sirloin Ala Goron,”

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

“We came, we saw, we kicked its patootie!” shouted Pinkie as she heft up the trap, slamming it down on the table, while Twilight and Spike, the former of which was covered in slime, just stared at her. Undoing the straps, they removed their proton packs.

Hope they didn’t cross the streams


Heh, both my ideas

''... has befriended many a creature of this world,''

Third paragraph.

Altogether, there are tons of typos, like missing dots or commas.

I liked this story, but there's quite a few things that could use editing. The biggest example I can see that needs editing is that Shadow Stealer and Chitter seem to switch genders multiple times. I think Shadow Stealer's supposed to be female and Chitter a male, but that's a guess due to these errors. Here's the worst example I can find.

She swallowed heavily, trying her best to force it all back down, and only barely keeping it so as he closed his eyes and focused on just what he could feel.

There's some other things you may want to edit.

Luna’s hoof suddenly filed their sky,

Unless she put the sky in a folder cabinet, that should be "filled".

Star Gazer yelled trying to grasp at anything but only fell into Gilda’s beak and then rolled off and landed right in the griffon’s salad with a tiny plop.

That should probably be "onto".

Luckily for him, spit and dressing began to mix immediately, and quickly he found his bounds loosening, leaving him free to pull himself off the vegetable matter.

I think that should maybe be "bonds".

Se looked over at the griffon enjoying her meal, licking her beak victoriously, her mind putting two and two together.

Whatever gender Shadow's supposed to be.

‘Maybe an assassination?’ she though to himself as he flew closer, flapping his wings harder and made his way up to her head.


Ge could only stare in shock as her enormous rear end started getting closer and closer with every second, as fast as an entire meteor's descent onto Equestria.

Leather Wing flapped his wings like a frightened trying to take flight,

And lastly, I think you're missing a word between those two.

Had lots of fun writing this.

When the summary said she'd turn them invisible, I wasn't expecting a micro vore fetish story. :twilightoops:

So... I'll just go to the other end of FIMFiction now. Good luck with your... stuff. :twilightblush:

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