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Macro Zecora

I write macrophillia stories.


Applejack threatens Zecora with a shotgun to get her off her farm because she's under a lot of stress. Zecora doesn't take it well, and comes back at Applejack with a little threat of her own.

Takes place shortly after the events of 'Bridle Gossip.'

Contains: Size difference, threats of vore.

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No anthro this time? That's surprisingly interesting. Keep up the good work dude.

Then there's me just imagining Zecora actually eating Applejack, just before the macro effect wears off.

What a wonderful story,

Oh my god I giggled so hard at that description.

Good job with the rhymes. I always find it harder to write for Zecora because of that little speech quirk, but you pulled it off very well.

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