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Instead of spending forever encased in stone for her misdeeds, Twilight decided to send Cozy Glow to her friends in the Equestria Girls dimension to learn the real meaning of friendship. Cozy meets Wallflower and feels for the girl, having experienced similar feelings of being invisible when she was younger. They become fast friends and during a stormy night sleepover, chatting over Hot coco and popcorn, the two find out they have more in common with one another than they thought.
For the May 2020 Pairing Contest.
Preread by Nailah

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 12 )

What kind of loon puts popcorn in hot chocolate

You'd be surprised. When I was searching for an appropriate cute picture for the story, there was quite a few that had popcorn in the hot chocolate. Some, even a Hot Chocolate FLAVORED popcorn! :pinkiecrazy: The things you learn sometimes eh? XD

Very crazy, but now the even crazier thing is, I want to try it. *cackles* :pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp:

This is really interesting.

I haven't seen many fics about Wallflower done like this, and I especially like how you paired it with the EQG Cozy trope.

Overall this could be a great story if expanded. I love slow-burn Cozy reform fics, even if I've only seen one full length one.

More please!

This definitely warrants a sequel

Thanks! :D Might be a bit, as I want to concentrate on getting Long Live the Queen Book 2 started going first (is the next one I plan to write) but with all this support I will totally work on ideas for a sequel!

Thanks! I'm glad you find it interesting. :D
I haven't seen too many of Wallflower in general, (plenty of Cozy though. She is a fun character to read/write about). Heh I do try to be a little different, even if using a trope to work with that. ^.^
With all this support people have to see more, I for sure will! (Even if it takes a bit.) Oooh do you know the name of the other one? Or author? As I'd love to check it out!
Will do my best. ;)

The story I'm refering to is Castling Cozy Glow.

From the looks of things the author is planning a sequel but who knows when it'll come out.

Ooooh thanks I will have to check that out, especially if they plan a sequel!

Please tell plan on doing like a sequel or something. I really enjoyed this pairing

Heh well with how much everyone seems to love it yeah I do plan to do a sequel. ^.^ It might be a bit, as I plan on the first two chapters of book two of my main story series, Long Live the Queen, (well prologue and chapter 1), then the next chapter of the prequel to the series, and after that I should be able to work on a sequel to this. (Hard part of having so much I want to write. XD)

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