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Hey all, Two-Tone here. Hope to add some fanfiction to this site, i'm a fan of both MLP and 101 Dalmatians, might see a crossover of both series soon


A AU take based on Rated Ponystar's fanfic series The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle and it's sequel Aftermath of a Fallen Star.

Twilight Sparkle has been assassinated in a conspiracy started by power hungry nobles, Princess Celestia attempts to revive her but fails, but what if her spell worked? What if Twilight Sparkle awoke just before the Civil War begins?

all OCs featured from the original story (c) their respective owners.

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now this is perfect time for some tears form celestia and twilight :pinkiesad2:

Oh it'll happen next chapter, as well as some from Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, and their parents. Still trying to think of a good name for Twi's and Shining Armor's little sister.


coming soon, I'm already writing it as we speak and adding more stuff since the season 5 finale.

Can't wait for more great story

6684602 hey want to ask how far are youu whit the Next chapter

Nok a weapom for twilight a giant Magiacal halbardi and she also knows how to use cause of training

When are you going to start working on the 3rd chapter?


This video will be played in Chapters 3 and 4.

Don't forget that Twilight has a castle of her own since season 5.

i love how it is so far


the original story took place before s5 and the castle was never mentioned makes sense it wouldnt be in this one

Twilight did mentioned that she and her friends did reformed Starlight Glimmer, in which takes place after season 5. So, I'm sure this story took place after season 4 and 5.

Where do you think Spike ran off to after the events from "The Assasination of Twilight Sparkle" and from "Aftermath of the Fallen Star?" Well, it seems that the plot thickens. I hope Twilight and the rest of the Equestrian Royal Family come up with a plan to defend Canterlot from Unicornia. I can't wait for more chapters; this is going to be most epic Alternate Universe story ever.


I have a few guesses though those guesses will have to wait till either I get to where Spike is or when Aftermath gets updated with SPike's chapter

Sweet! I like this AU. and thank you for giving her a sister that didn't hate her :twilightsmile:

I can't wait to see what happens next! :pinkiehappy: It's very exciting!

Those nobles are terribly unwise :twilightangry2: ... they could do even more damage to the balance of harmony then they have ... let's not forget the Windigos! :pinkiegasp: If the Windigos come back, I'd like to see Unicornia fight against them. :pinkiecrazy: It was futile back in the past.

Does anyone assume when will Sunset Shimmer will make an appearance and decides to help Twilight reclaim her lost honour and save her beloved nation?


I was thinking of having Twilight send a message to Sunset to let her know what's going on in Equestria

Amadeus should be turned into a tick and stamped on for all that he's done. :twilightangry2: He's obviously sunk so low that he deserves to be sent to Tarturus for his crimes.

As for Majesty, if she does try to commit genocide on the rest of the alicorns, then I suggest these punishments (if she can't be reformed).

Banishment to the EG world (after being depowered of course)

Thrown into Tarturus.

Have Starlight Glimmer take her cutie mark (I can't believe that I just put that).

I do hope those two assholes get what's coming to them for their crimes against Equestria and all life on the planet. :twilightangry2::twilightangry2::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Nice that Amadeus got a sneak peak of what fate will be fall him as he lost what it means to be a pony a long, long time ago with the acts of evil that would've made Adolf Hitler proud.

As for his bastard daughter, she should head this line: "A man chooses, a slave obeys." - Andrew Ryan: Bioshock.

For she is nothing more than a slave or a pawn for her father's plans and every, single thing she's been told has all been a lie taught to her from birth to now from her father killing her real mother to using her brother as a pawn for his own ends.

I wish the Royal sisters and their allies had access to these to use against Unicornia and its leaders and allies:

Including this (can be either normal sized or shrunk down to pony size and modified to absorb magical shots):

That megazord can do this:

Or these folks; Spartan II Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris:

I'm so excited for more chapters from this story. Also, I'm hoping that Sunset Shimmer will return to Equestria before they seal the portal at Canterlot High. If they bring Twilight's killers to justice, I'm sure Discord will send them to another dimension, which there will be no return. For Twilight, I'm sure she will have to engage in battle very soon. I have videos that'll inspire the future battles that lie ahead in Equestria.

In "Mary Fahl - Going Home," my reaction to Twilight seeing all of her friends and family again is this in 2:24.

I can already tell what's going to happen. Unicornia will find out that the princesses went to the Crystal Empire and will invade. They will get through the outer defenses, all hope seems lost. THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED!

They better not and I hope the Unicornians and Amadeus don't discover Twilight's empty grave back in Canterlot.

7657269 Settle down there fella! The nation of Unicornia will suffer greatly and Majesty will learn this line the hard way:

"A man chooses, a slave obeys" - Andrew Ryan: Bioshock

7594723 wrote : " Also, I'm hoping that Sunset Shimmer will return to Equestria before they seal the portal at Canterlot High. "

Especially if she comes bearing AK-47s and explosives too.^_^

Well now, the first major battle is upon Twilight and her allies.

Majesty's arrogance will be her downfall as she will learn soon enough that there will always be a bigger fish and will learn the hard way this: never let your pride override your better judgement and you should never underestimate your enemies.

As I said before, she will learn this line the hard way when she learns the truth of her birth and her real reason for being brought into the world:

"A man chooses, a slave obeys." - Andrew Ryan: Bioshock

Twilight = a pony/man who chooses her path.

Majesty = a slave who obeys her father's will and ambitions.

Wish Twilight and her allies had access to these types of Firepower against Unicornia:

“You will see me greater than that weakling fool Queen Faust.

DO. NOT. INSULT. FAUSTICORN, Majesty.:twilightangry2:

I can't believe that I'm saying this, but Majesty is WORSE than Past Sunset Shimmer. :twilightoops:

I hope Sunset Shimmer comes back to Equestria and show Majesty the error of her ways. My heart started pounding when Amadeus and Majesty are getting suspicious about what happened at Twilight's empty grave. It's only a matter of time before Twilight will be found out by the enemy and she will have no choice but to resort to violent brutality upon Amadeus in order to stay alive. I'm also excited too when Starlight Glimmer and Trixie Lulamoon were able to meet up with her at the Crystal Empire. I have a suggestion to name the 6th Chapter of this story: The Siege of Baltimare!!!

PS: I can't imagine if they would setup a trap for Amadeus in the future. Twilight's friends bring in her body, which is covered up in a white sheet, to him. Just when he is about to approach her, unveiling Twilight's dead face, she strikes immediately. Before he can see what was coming, Twilight stabs Amadeus in the eye with an Oricalcum Dagger, rendering him to step backwards and fall flat on the floor, screaming in pain while clutching is injured eye. Upon seeing this, Amadeus' allies were horrified with Majesty freaking out, while Twilight's friends started smirking and laughing their heads off. :twilightangry2::rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy::flutterrage:

7735143 As Megatron from the 2007 Transformers film would say, "Oh, so unwise..."

This is what I wish to happen to that bitch for saying that as her hubris will be her weak spot:

Hope the false queen gets taken down soon

Eh. This kinda takes away from the meaning of the original, plus it's not written as well.



God damn it, who am I kidding, we all wanted this.

Morning Blade is one bad pony. :twilightangry2:

I will look forward to the bad side's discovery of a live Twilight. :moustache: Their faces! Ha!

Majesty WILL get what's coming to her, sure as eggs are eggs. :flutterrage:

I can't wait either. In fact, there will be no rest for the wicked, as long as Unicornia invades Equestria. I wonder how long will Twilight be hiding in the shadows for? I want to see her wreak vengeance upon Unicornia up close and person. :twilightangry2:

I know right? They always keep assuming that Princess Twilight was no different from the past Discord or Nightmare Moon.
There are some things that went wrong here:

1) Celestia was right, they know nothing about Twilight Sparkle. In fact, they haven't even tried to get to know her, like what the Mane 5, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and Trixie Lulamoon did.
This Assassinverse arc reminds me a bit like what happened to Nico Robin in One Piece. When she was very young, Robin was being treated like an outcast by all of society when the World Government attempted to eliminate her of her existence because of her wish of learning the Void Century's history. Yet, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates do not see Robin's existence as a threat and they, therefore, treated her fairly without getting any second thoughts.
Twilight Sparkle = Nico Robin
Amadeus and the evil nobles = The World Government
Celestia and the Mane 5 = Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates
2) She didn't give them any reason not to trust them.
3) Majesty never even met Twilight, instead she let her father twist her mind against her and the rest of Twilight's followers.
It's just like when Anakin Skywalker was convinced by Darth Sidious that his fellow Jedi tried to eliminate the Republic and went with the plan of obliterating the Jedi at Coruscant (see Revenge of the Sith and you'll understand).
4) They have no evidence to prove that Twilight is considered a threat to Equestria. Instead, they just provoked her and her friends with war, violence, and extreme prejudice.

I wanted to Twilight come back from the dead too because she's my favorite princess, unlike the rest of the other disney and non-disney princesses.

Equestria strikes back!

Hope they stop Morning Blade from carrying out his attempt to turn the Equestria populace against Twilight. It is bad enough Amadeus did it, we don't need another.

He really needs to hear this speech (along with Majesty herself):

After reading Assassination of Twilight Sparkle and Aftermath of the Fallen Star, I can't help but ask this: Even if Twilight did help end the war, they still might think poorly of her. She already failed to establish her reign peacefully once, due so much protesting in both of those stories. So, how is she going to deal with those traditionalist in her second attempt?


fuck i would love to see twilight make majesty into a cumdump for twilights pleasure XD

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