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Born on a small forest world, SS-13 though she prefers to call herself Sunset Shimmer, is faced with the idea of leading a squad of highly trained unicorns. No big deal after all that is what she wanted to do. Follow her and her squad as they faced Equestria's greatest enemies and see if they can truly become a family.

Story based on Star Wars: Republic Commando though not a crossover with the Star Wars universe. Expected everything that you would see in the game. Cover art not by me and I don't own the rights to Star Wars or MLP

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Pisces is a changeling who was born as a love collector but desires something more. After the treaty between his race and the ponies; he found his calling helping others in psychology. After a long struggle, he was now ready to do an internship in order to complete his degree. However, with resentment of changelings still peasant with ponies; he has no choice but to seek help from one who lives in Ponyville. Read as he deals with his studies, the resentment and working under a doctor who has some...strange clients.

This story features a well known OC named Dr. Wolf. I have permission to use this character but all other characters that are not related to others or the show belong to me.

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Big Mac has to go to Canterlot for an event which leaves Applejack to deal with the upcoming Applebuck season. Lucky for her, Twilight has agree to help and now Applejack feels that with Twilight's magic and flight; they could get the harvest done in no time at all. However, Twilight has other things in mind as she states that she is determined to help Applejack through Applebuck season without using wings or magic. Can Twilight stick with that goal and can Applejack figure out the reason why and still have time to complete the harvest?

Cover Art doesn't belong to me. Came up with this idea while talking to some other writers during Bronycon.

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Ratchet and Clank have tracked a distress signal to an unknown planet. Ratchet, who can't wait to discover what lies on the planet's surface, finds that things are not what he expected. Now he along with his best friend Clank must do their best to make a good impressions on these 'candy colored horses' while preventing their world from becoming consumed. Just a normal day in the life of a hero.

Rated T for fantasy violence and basically what you expect from a Ratchet and Clank game. Oh and Ratchet and Clank will not be turning into ponies. Characters will be added as needed.

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After Spike's growth spurt, Celestia decided that its time for the young dragon to be taught what it means to be a dragon. So she contacts the distant universe of Avalar and asked Spyro to teach the young drake, which of course Spyro accepts. Now Spyro must deal with training a dragon who doesn't act like a dragon, keeping the populace of Ponyville under control, and fighting off the remains of the Dark Master's forces who have somehow followed him. Luckily he's got Cynder and Sparx alongside to help...right?

EDIT: Very late in saying this bu thank you everyone for getting this story to be featured. Means a lot to me.

Basically this is a T-rated crossover that takes place after the events of Dawn of the Dragon. I should mention that this story will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't played that game. Of course, I don't own anything except for this story.

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Nightmare Moon has returned, ready to bring about eternal night to all of Equestria. However, she is joined by a strange pony in midnight armor. Who is this pony and why is he/she flowing Nightmare Moon?

Starts during episode one of season one. Rated T for violence and mild blood. This story will not replace Lake of Reflection, it is merely a side story that I will update whenever I am able to.

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Legend tells of a lake that has the ability to show a pony deepest desires. However, as with most legends, it has been lost in the flow of time until a blue unicorn stumbles upon it again. What will Trixie deepest desires be and will she be able to find a new purpose in life. Meanwhile, Twilight struggles with a new and strange feeling for a pony she believes hates her.

My second story but my first story involving a shipping. Rated T because I have no skills with the more mature style.

I would like to thank Dekomaru for allowing me to use the cover art. His Deviantart account is http://dekomaru.deviantart.com/. You should check out his stuff if you are a fan of Twixie shipping.

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A strange machine uses my laptop to suck me into the land of Equestria. With a new body, forbidden knowledge of the land, and a backpack filled with my technology; will I be able to adapt to the way things are here and find a way back home, if I want to return in the first place.

Yes this is a HiE. Yes this has been done like over nine thousand times before. I know that I am not a very good writer but I hope you will give me a chance with this.

Will add characters and categories as they become relevant. I only own any OCs that are used and this story. The rest is own by Hasbro, Hub, and Studio B

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