Trixie gets her friend and frenemy stuck with her in a miniature avant-garde poem containing very few available letters. :trixieshiftleft:

Content Note: (1) A profane word starting with an "F" and a "U" used a few times although the only letters available to our protagonists do not include "K" or "C". (2) A profane word referring to excrement although only the final two letters are available to use. :pinkiegasp: (3) A profane word in a "foreign" language. (4) Trixie makes a Freudian slip or an intentional allusion.... It's easily missed though, which is either a good thing for those with taste and decency, or it's the nucleus of a fun scavenger hunt.

Featured on 2022/05/19!

Trixie is Terrible Rating: She didn't want it to happen, but she's not helping make things better (3 :trixieshiftright: Out of 10).

Experimental Entry in the Thousand Words Contest.
- It is so experimental that the word counter on the description page disagreed with the word counter on the editor page(!) [The editor shows it as 1010 words. The site description shows as 1000 words].

Image: All mine, although the words are a parodic reference to this link, which itself is a bit of a philosophical parody... and the image probably contains some other cultural references. :pinkiecrazy: For those who want to be spoiled: SPOILER The image indicates that the story is about more than the story. It's about Friendship and Language. But the primary intent is for the story to be enjoyable on an obvious level as an amusing romp.

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That was a fun read :twilightsmile:

Very strange but compelling.

the cover image made me laugh lol

Delightfully bizarre, though I'd probably use a different adverb if it weren't for the footnotes. Still, most entertaining stuff, and you worked in a friendship lesson. Thank you for it and best of luck in the judging.

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