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Pinkie Pie is best pony!


Tax season is almost over, and Pinkie hasn't paid hers yet.

Thanks to 6-D Pegasus for proofreading.

Entry into A Thousand Words Contest II.

Now with two readings, one done by StraightToThePointStudio, and one done by Pony&Wolf Productions.

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This was quite funny. I enjoyed it.:pinkiehappy:

A tax on pink? That's such a cute silly premise haha.

Damn most the ponies are lucky they get to avoid paying it most the time since they dont have too much pink on them, but pinkie is 100% pink so she gets the worst of the tax full force every year lol

You're really good with these short stories, awesome job again! :twilightsmile:

Also that's such a cute pixel cover, I see what you did there hehe, love it!

well written to keep it at exactly 1000 words

This was very goofy fun, I love the final solution they come to. Well done. n_n

Everyone is pink on the inside.

Not so! Her eyes and cutie marks are, other colors. (But yeah, she does get hit petty-hard by the tax.)

Enjoyable story. Perfect chaos.

And enjoy a song about pink while you're at it.

hm, ok so let's say pinkie is 30 here, and if say she was paying the tax herself since moving the ponyville, say age ten for simplicity, that would mean her parents paid 1500 bits in total while Pinkie paid 3000 bits herself, well 2850 since she's bailing on this year

Unrealistic. Royalty would never pay taxes willingly! Good funny story to start my morning :pinkiesmile:

I feel the dialogue could have run a little smoother. Still an entertaining story nonetheless! Have an upvote! :pinkiesmile:

They did a little trolling to Luna

Well, it was funny, and have the little non-sense of the canon series, maybe they should had made a episode like this.

Perfect amount of silly and also something that could probably have been canon too. The idea of pink Lulu is brilliant :D

This is absolutely brilliant. Adorable with a twist ending. Big thumbs up from me!

Wasn't sure to expect before reading it... but it was surprisingly great with a clever twist ending. Well done! :pinkiehappy:

haha, this was brilliant!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay:

That's was cute I would be so upset though

Did you know that even though she was exempt, Queen Elizabeth II voluntarily paid income tax on her private earnings each and every year of her reign? It's expected that Charles will continue this practice.

(She didn't pay taxes on her royal and noble estate earnings, but that's because an even larger chunk of that income has long been placed at the disposal of the government.)

Pinkie walks over to Starlight's desk. "The Pink Tax."

"What is that?"

"It's a tax on pink ponies."

ahaha okay i already love this deranged concept, and what a great way to bring Pinkie and Starlight together

"It's the most common color: coat, mane, tails, cutie mark, it's everywhere."

"That seems crazy, like putting a tax on being cute."

"Don't give them ideas! That would ruin Fluttershy."

so true

"There's barely any pink on you."

"I only pay every three years, this year I was up."

ah, so that’s how it works with ponies that have only a little pink!

Pinkie laments, "I've been paying my whole life, and it's not fair. One-hundred and fifty bits a year adds up."

that does sound like a lot of bits

A fourth pony enters the room, Sweetie Drops. She says, "I'm here to pay my pink tax, this must be the right place."

aww, of course the former secret agent dutifully pays her taxes no matter how ridiculous

Diamond Tiara enters the room amidst the silence.

Pinkie is outraged. "They're taxing children now! How can you stand for this?"


"How? I understand you, but Scootaloo and Applebloom, they're not pink!"

The two mentioned fillies show their cutie marks, pointing to the tiny pink spots.

rip. and that spot is from Sweetie Belle in the first place!

Sweetie Belle spoke up, "I think she doesn't have to pay because she dyes her mane gray."

hehe nice. also very fun that the only canon government official evades taxes

Twilight and Cadence do their special dance.

of course they do!

"Over a thousand years ago, Luna and I got into an argument over something silly, she decided to make a law to spite me."

Pinkie interjects, "Why haven't you removed it?"

Celestia laments, "I left it as a memento while she was gone."

aww, this actually makes sense as an explanation somehow, amazing!

Celestia answers, "Yes, it was rather silly of me. I should have abolished it a long time ago. I'm sorry, my little ponies."

always love it when she says “my little pony[ies]

"I'm Princess Luna… they dyed me pink."

ehehe nice!
a very fun one, thank you for writing!

This isn’t just a one-note joke. This is a one-note joke performed by someone repeatedly hammering on a single piano key while staring at the audience with uncomfortable intensity until they laugh.

If that’s an oddly specific image, well, this is an oddly insistent story, just crowding in every even remotely pink pony you could think of—I don’t think they can even all fit in Starlight’s office—until the plot hit critical mass and yielded a conclusion. I can’t even call it a punchline given the amount of internal effort needed to explain it.

Sorry, but this one just didn’t land for me. Still, thank you for entering.

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