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This story is a sequel to Error 503

Error 504: Gateway Timeout

A story was once told of a group of Anons displaced from reality. As their very existences needed a bit of time to re-calibrate, they found solace in the company of each other. However, unbeknownst to them, they were not the only ones experiencing a fatal, reality-ending error. For while they merrily gave each other silly names and drove themselves mad over the course of an excruciatingly long eight minutes, their wives were also having an accidental meet-up.

And it was much more awkward.

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I need a follow up on Opaline

"Actually, I go by Moxie in my world. And we call it 'Arcadia,' not 'Equestria.' I'm, er... flattered you think as much, but it's really just a stage name. Though, I don't doubt that a pony as cute as you would be telling the truth about something like that, haha!"

Ah, I see you’re a person of culture as well. :ajsmug:

I feel bad for that one Twilight that's all by herself. She needs a win.

Also, who's in charge of the multiversal IT department? They need to get it together before something like this sparks a war between dimensions.

So much room for amusing followup shorts in this, these have been great

Well fate has other plans.

EBeggars and Choosers
You've always wished you could go to Equestria. You got exactly what you asked for.
RunicTreetops · 1.3k words  ·  117  5 · 2.7k views

...Though some of those Anons are about to be in for it.

Even if, they all just remembered it as a dream.
Many references I haven't read yet.



Okay, they both need a win.

Comment posted by jskase deleted Aug 13th, 2023

"...I want to go home."

Dawww, poor Twilight :raritydespair:

Please, PLEASE, make a fanfic where this Twilight has Anon fall in love with her. Please, a sad Twilight needs love.

...Though some of those Anons are about to be in for it.

WTF did they do!? :ajbemused:

Multiverse IT should pair up the sad alone Twilight and the sad alone Anon

That's was mine question too. But it was only a bad 💭 dream.

Yeah, that was kind of sad that there was one singleton each time.

…and her torso adorned with a jet-black hoodie with white text that reads "I'm about to level up and you look like just enough XP."

Knowing Runic, I bet this is a reference to that Maxor video of MGR Part 1:rainbowlaugh:

If we're going by the logic of the beggars and chooser anon here don't wanna be isekai'd, how about we have the pony Twilight isekai'd instead.

While I, in all honesty, am not into that many Anon fics, I did like this story, and the previous tale of many Anons. Just the concept of gathering all of the various versions is enough to tickle my interest. While I do not know many of these versions, the most humorous one is the Chrissy version. Leave it to a horny human to find romance with an evil changeling queen...
The Moxie variation, well, that one does go over my head, even with the ref provide in the comments below.
However, I will be lonely Twilight's Anon gladly...even if I have to battle millions of other Anons for the opportunity.

Still gotta hear about the anons who were married to two or more of them at a time.

Maybe the next one is just like, two or three, then the last one is "I'm married to all of em, every last mare on the gosh-darned planet!"

We need a story where sad Anon and sad Twilight meet.

I second that!

One of the Twilight Sparkles and Twilight Velvet sit next to each other, each blushing profusely and avoiding the other's gaze.

Oh right HAHAH
I read a Twilight Velvet x Anon story yesterday "Off to See Your Mother"

I wrote that one, too! :rainbowlaugh:

I usually don't read the authors. My bad :rainbowlaugh:
But yes that is sooo awkward

"I'm not married to a human named Anon."

Ah, but you will be… You will be…

Loved both versions of this concept. I'm constantly impressed by how you manage to put a unique spin on each of your stories, alongside how frequently you manage to post them. Big respect for that.

While the idea of "Anons/ponies meet their spouse's spouse" is neat, you being able to fill both versions with actual characters from your other stories really brings it together. I don't think many others have the capacity to pull this off in the same way you did.

All of the segments were really well done as well, but man the Opaline passage def hits the hardest given her history w/ Anon. Same goes for the single Anon/Twilight concept.

"Actually, I go by Moxie in my world. And we call it 'Arcadia,' not 'Equestria.'

I don't know if I should be proud or disappointed, that I understood this reference. :rainbowlaugh:

A finger on the monkey’s paw curls….your wish has been granted.

Only it isn’t that Twilight Sparkle, but a totally different Twilight that isn’t even interested in finding love….only in quesadillas.

I feel like I'd have to go read something to get it, but I've used the name Arcadia a few times in my own writing (which aren't on here) but for other countries.

Then another fic where all the Dashes and Dash Anons get into a space of their own, so there's a frenzy of each Anon trying to find their specific Dash. They try competitions, memory tests, drinking, maybe someone just suggests one huge orgy, I 'unno.

The Monkey’s Paw, just my bad humor acting up again feel free to ignore it.

Makes me wonder where the first 502 errors are. We have 503 and 504.

and these Celestias could distinguish specifically their Anon from others? Would Anon be able to find his Celestia among the alternative Celestias?

...Though some of those Anons are about to be in for it.

?Wack/ "Oww what did I do?"

"You know what you did!"

"I didn't do anything."

It sounds like at least some of those Celestias had distinguishing characteristics. So their Anon could easily pick them out.

Might be an interesting three-quel idea though. Have everyone pulled together. Some awkwardness would ensue, not just from jealousy, but the various Anons and ponies having difficulty distinguishing their mates from the rest.

Multiple Anons on the ground getting punched in the face: What did I do?!
Different mares across the multiverse: YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!

I hope the lonely Anon and Twilight would meet...

Error 503 : Anons
Error 504 : Anon's lovers
Error 502 : Anon's Friends & Family from Earth.

"Ah! Hello, there!"

Applejack removes her hat as she looks at her mother with teary eyes.

"'Mom?' I'm sorry, darlin', you must have the wrong gal. Ah don't have any kids. Not yet, at least." Her cheeks turn a light shade of pink as she says that last bit.

"So... you don't recognize me?"

"Sorry, dear. I don't."



"...Well, thank ya for yer time, anyway."

Poor AJ :ajsleepy:

First one was frakking hilarious, this here is an awesome continuation of that which im hopin please🙏 you can find away to do some kinda follow-up on to see some of these aftermath type situations 😉. Regardless of that, this was another great fic Runic👍

For which, the pic I use for profile?

Or the story idea, which I came up with on the spot after reading the story?

The story. It sounds like a pretty funny read.:rainbowlaugh:

Ahh, yeah I came up with that idea on the spot after reading this one. You'll have to pester Runic to write my idea.

"Actually, I go by Moxie in my world. And we call it 'Arcadia,' not 'Equestria.' I'm, er... flattered you think as much, but it's really just a stage name. Though, I don't doubt that a pony as cute as you would be telling the truth about something like that, haha!"

Friends with Benefits?

Can I suggest, error 505, ponies, and anonymouses displaced in the void together

How no brony in the world 🌎 made this!?

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