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The end of a great story · 7:22pm Jul 16th, 2021

I've come to a final decision over a great fiction I was proud to write.

It was time to let Ryujin and Melchior to go... I know it's bad, because the strongest swordmaster was the fiction I liked so much to imagine the outcomes... I dreamed so much about every chapter. However I couldn't write them because lack of inspiration...

I decided to cancel the story, but I let all the chapters published for everyone who wants to read. I'm sorry... My biggest regret was not discovering frindship is magic at the beggining and the start of fimfiction... That way I could have write the fiction since from the beggining... However with the new G5... Things wasn't the same as years ago...

I still wanted to write a few things about this world... But I took a bite bigger than what I chew and I have so much other projects... This fiction was fated to die...

Thanks guys for your support... And I hope you still enjoy this fiction much as I did writing before.

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One story dies but so many more to be made, don't forget the journey that is traveled to get too this point and the many merciless hours it took to be forged you have worked through so many hardships but the story fell in it's journey and will never be forgotten and will be told for years too come as one of the greats

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