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All her life she wanted children, now that she’s finally given what she desired for so long she’s never letting go of him and though they may not interact much in the public eye, they love each other with all their heart and will get through anything life throws at them. As mother and son.

Chapters are not connected unless otherwise specified, the romance tag is for both Spike and Celestia being involved with other creatures but each other, naturally. No Spike/Rarity and Celestia/Twilight, so don’t even ask but I’m willing to pair Celestia and Spike with anyone else, even their own genders.


Very special thank you to my editor SpikeSupreme13, I have no idea what he did but I trust him, you're awesome brother.

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If you're in the business of putting Spike with other characters, I'm requesting Octavia.

6772832 Expect a Spike/Octavia chapter soon my friend.

celestia and twilight all the way dude

6772868 Again sorry, I don't write that pair.

6772866 It's your joint man. Roll it however you want. Just let me take a hit when you're done. :twilightsmile:

6772896 Alright brother, I got you. What do you mean by a hit?

6772898 As long as I get to read it, I'm good.

6772900 Ah, alright. Going to work on it soon my friend, already have an idea in mind.

I always thought Spike and Rumble to be a cute pairing.

6772924 Expect a Spike/Rumble story in a bit my friend, after I have a smoke and write this other one-shot I need. Also I'm very honored to be reviewed by you, you're a legend.

I would request Spike and Sweetie Belle but with the CMC tags being there already, I am willing to bet it with extra was already planned. Hmmmm... How about Spike with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon?

6772946 Spike with two mares? I doubt that's very realistic in the fact that they won't share him. I'll write a one-shot for one of them, if you don't mind.

Alright. Was mainly just suggesting it that way in case this Equestria was one that did the Herd thing with the fact there are more fillies/mares than colts/stallions.

6772969 it's alright. I understand. I'm just not comfortable giving Spike more then one mare or stallion per chapter. So Diamond or Sliver my friend?


Legend?! Hey, I didn't do it and I'll deny it under oath!

Thank you, friend. I always love seeing Spike as Celestia's son and Twilight's sister. The way he and Twi interact just reminds me a lot of me and my big sister. This story should prove most cute and entertaining.

6772980 :rainbowlaugh: I'm very glad my friend. I hope you'll enjoy each and every chapter. I very much agree and am a HUGE fan of Spike and Momlestia, I just honestly wish there was more, It's strange that Twilight and Momlestia has more story, it doesn't make sense to me since Twi already has a mom, but I could see Celestia being like a second mother, to each their own.

Diamond then. Spike does have a taste for gems after all.

6773027 One Spike/Diamond story coming in a bit, though be patient for I now have a lot on my plate friend.

6773051 My favorite Spike and CMC pairing coming up after I finish the other one shots I got, trust me I'm going to have FUN writing that one, I used to really like SpikeBelle and still do but I noticed Spike and Scoots have more in common then Spike and Sweetie, so she's my second favorite now.

I know you are putting up Spike ships and I would like a Spike x Harem ships.

6773083 Again the only ones I won't do for Spike are Spike/Rarity and Spike/harem, sorry. But if you have someone you want him to be with, I'll consider it.

6773146 I got you, it will take some time because I got a few orders to get through but you'll see it tomorrow or in a few days at most my friend.

6773155 Thank you! And I am making a rare kind of fan fic.

What is your most favorite ship?

6773236 Spilight though in truth I been leaning a bit more towards Spikealoo lately.

LOL! Just noticed I hit the reply button on the wrong message.
*is not a clever man*

6773244 :rainbowlaugh: You're fine.

6773250 I LOVE that picture! Scootaloo has the smirk of a smart ass like she knew they made a great kid, love it!

6773251 Glad to see another fan of the Spilight Army :pinkiehappy:

When you said it that way, I imagined that one scene from TFS's Hellsing Utlimate Abridged where the Catboy is telling Seras that they'd make beautiful children. Scootaloo as the Magical Catboy, Spike as Seras and Celestia as Alucard.

6773265 And I am making a Spike and Dusk Shine fic.

Spilight or applespike. Finally more Celestia/Spike son and mother relationship I love those. Keep up the good work love it

6773286 I never seen it to be honest.

6773291 Sounds awesome my friend.

6773300 This is where you chose my fellow fan :rainbowlaugh: And I completely agree, I just wish there was more and I will, thank you.

Wait, so is this a comment based story? Or a story that follows the life of spike as he grows? I was honestly expecting another baby spike and Celestia moment.

6773314 It varies on what I wish to write at the time, he could young or old and with anyone but a harem or Rarity, just a bunch of one shots in all honestly.

Seeing as you were the one who added this to TwiSpike Kingdom, when can we expect some Spilight in this story?

6773363 After I finish the other request, don't worry. It will be a good Spilight.

So good to see you again, brother!

Also, can we see one with Lily, Rose and Daisy (wink wink, nudge nudge*)

My nigga... Thanks a lot, broski.

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