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Princess Celestia goes through the same routine day after day and has grown tired of it, even with her long life cycle. So when her old friend, Twilight Velvet has an idea sure to catch some attention, the ruler of the sun agrees, albeit begrudgingly.

Now connecting with other females who value their children lives above themselves like herself, she begins to find comfort in those she considers friends.

Until an accidental slip of the tongue reveals her true identity and the fate of her son's life could very well be in the balance.

Why couldn't she just be a normal pony?

Author's Note: There will be more characters then the tags suggest and current cover art used until I have the money to have a custom one made, apologizes. Also major Discord/Pinkie Pie, though Discord himself won't appear in the story, just mentioned. Rated Teen for mild language (it's me, come on) and alcohol.

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Let the hilarity ensue!

I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes. I hope it goes in the direction I'm thinking it will.

The premise is interesting. The writing is clean and concise. And your story description put a lot of potential plot point and shenanigans into your writer tool box. Good luck! Add one more story to track. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you, it's been a long time since someone went into detail about a story of mine. I honestly hope you enjoy it, I'm not great with humor, I'm more for dark and serious stories but I'll try my best.

 throughout Canterlot, Cloudsdale and Ponyville respectively to test the waters so that poor Velvet's house doesn't get to crowded and after some time we might find another area to accommodate more of our guest, maybe if we are lucky something like this could even be taken nationwide or-â€

Velvet  flung

Two of those characters don't look like they belong.

Velvet, in her drunk mind had assumed that Twilight wanted her to cuddle like she did when she was younger, so she grabbed the young mare who whose nose she broke in her hooves and snuggled, falling asleep instantly, despite the mud, blood coming from Fluttershy's nose and twigs in her mane, fur and tail.

Celestia felt a burst of proud pride at Spike's accomplishments

Also, I have a bit of a question. If this ends up involving some of the main 6/Starlight. Do they know that Spike is Celestia's son? I know Twilight obviously would, having grown up alongside her for most of his life. But what about the others?

Sorry, I'll get that fixed. And the only one that will be in the story the entire time when the group comes together is Pinkie, the others will not, maybe mentioned but that's it. And no, the only one who knows Spike is Celestia's son is his family and of course Discord, but he's not in this story. And fixed, thank you my friend.

Sounds interesting I'm kinda curious as to what kind of mothers would show up. I also wouldn't be surprised to see how much a mother Celestia turns out to actually be to more than just Spike.

Curious about how Pinkie will be involved?

Another Momlestia/Spike story. Let's see where it goes.

Twilight Velvet is a mean drunk.

Isn't Celestia's drunkwalking risking giving that away?

Yes, but she's drunk so she does not care, I agree. She is a mean drunk :rainbowlaugh: And buck yeah, hope you enjoy it.

Melancholy Momlestia is the best. The war room scene puts the princesses in a very interesting light that not many touch upon. The goddesses are still mortal and it's nice to see them have a friend in velvet.

Oof. Poor fluttershy.

I'm very glad you enjoyed it my friend, yeah, I wanted to add Shy in someway, though I do feel bad for her. And true, not many bother giving Celestia or Luna any real or canon friends, not that I know of anyway, I hope to fix that with this story. I should work on the next chapter now.

There are worst ways to make a first impression. Honestly, a tail fire is just a conversation starter once it's all said and done. Waiting to see what comes next.

:rainbowlaugh: So very bucking true, glad you like it so far my friend.

Oh I'm loving this xD

I also Momlestia to Spike is best Celestia in my opinion (...now if only I can find a fic where Luna goes full badass Aunty mode....) plus I love how you've written Spike to be the loving son who has long since accepted his mothers over the top nature ^^

Can't wait to see what happens next!

P.S. PeeWee returns, HUZZAR!!!

I'm very glad you like this story. I have a lot of fun with it and need to write the next one today. Buck yeah I'd love to read that fic and Spike and Momlestia is what I write a lot of sometimes. I love having Peewee in any story with Spike in it I can.

Huh, why didn't this show up in my tracking list? Sorry it took so long to notice.

You're fine my brother. I need to update this anyway lol.

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