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Pinkie Pie has lived a very passionate and successful life and is getting older, even if it pains Discord's heart to see his love fading before his eyes.

Pinkie/Discord one shot, not edited sorry, enjoy.

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This tells you that life is short and you gotta live it to the fullest and look back

Damn straight, thanks for the review.

No. thank you for writing an amazing story that can change the aspects of someone’s life

Wow that really means a lot, I just wanted to write a Pinkie/Discord fic since I'm trying to bring this pairing back but I'm very glad it did wonders my friend.

I don't know if it's just me, but odd boxes are showing up in this story

Finally got the permits to expand that magical water park like she wanted?"

Like at the end of this sentence.

"Maybe you can go play one last game of Ogres and Oubliettes before Spike and Sweetie Belle get married next week."

And this one. Not sure if you're using a custom character, or it's fimfiction being dumb

Now, on to what I actually thought of the story.

It was amazing. I love the PinkieXDiscord ship and i love what you've done with it. 10/10, 100% S rank, Going on my favorites! Have a clapping waifu for your good job! derpicdn.net/img/2014/1/15/524738/full.gif

Thank I would love to read a Pinkie/Discord story from you, my friend, that pairing died after season two and I'm trying to bring it back.

That picture is saying.

Discord: Pinkie. Get off my nose.

Pinkie: Nope~ No can do Dizzy~

Love this story. It is so damn sad and heartwarming and tear jerking and sweet all rolled into one. You are awesome!

Thank you very much, I tried to make a story of Pinkie being older while Discord is watching his mate slowly die, but I also want to make one where she's younger and they are together. I'm just really trying to bring this pairing back.

I've always loved this pairing. It can be sweet, crazy and fun. I like Fluttercord as well but Pinkcord (Don't know the official ship name for it) Just is wonderful.

While I do enjoy Fluttercord quite a bit, Discopie just seems to naturally fit, they have a lot in common and can connect in a way that Shy and Discord can't. If you ever chose to write about the pairing, send me a link. I'd love to read more of this pairing.

They do have a lot more in common when you think about it. Also. I don't think I will ever write a Discopie story but if you write more stories bout them., I will read them.,

Agreed, and that's a shame. I'd love to see your writing style but it's fine. That's what I plan to do, some of my new stories have Discopie in them if you want to give them a read.

I will read them pal. I can't wait for them.

Then get to reading :rainbowlaugh: Enjoy.

I will. Thank you.

No problem, thanks for the watch.

i love the pairing and i liked the window into their domestic life, but pinkie going insane just because shes around discord was a little much. it felt like angst just for angst's sake, you could have easily accomplished the same thing narritively by pinkie being old and having *actual* demensia, which would be sad enough, but that "insanity by assosiation" thing felt way out of left field.

You make a very fair point and you are right it would have been more interesting to do such in that way. But that's a real thing that affects people and I've never been through it in my life with my family while other people had so I didn't want to talk about something I knew nothing about.

The biggest problem was that this Rainbow and Pinkie hated each other since Pinkie betrayed her friends by siding with Discord when Tirek had won, Twilight Sparkle was killed, Rarity was forced into slavery, Applejack took her family and was never heard from again and Fluttershy to his everlasting shame and guilt even if the world he had traveled to was not his own, had killed herself.

I kinda want to read that story and see how that went down

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