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Showing you the darker, more realistic side of MLP in my writing. Smoking, swearing and being a bastard, but that's nothing new with me. Got a cigarette?


Inspired by the baseball movie, 42.

Spike Solaris lives in a world where his race is despised, treated as nothing more than monsters and second class citizens amidst a sea of herbivores. But through many events in his life he'll reach for the stars to do the impossible and attempt to become the first dragon in Equestria's history to play professional Hoofball, even with the odds stacked against him.

Co-authored with Ekhidna

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Featured on 11/15/2017, thanks everyone.

Spike the dragon always had trouble speaking with matters of the heart to anyone. But because of his hesitation, his aunt Luna finds it in her heart to help him win the love of a smartass pegasus...maybe he's better off going to see his cousin, Cadance next time instead?

Co-authored with CaioCoia, thanks for the help my friend. Not edited though, sorry.

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She's an aspiring Pegasus with dreams of fame and fortune. He is a dragon who wanted to change the world and bring all races together in harmony. Although they are old friends, a dangerous accident brings the two closer than they could ever imagine, and even more than they expected.

Collaboration with Sky Charmer, edited a bit by him as well but if anyone would like to help edit it completely or proofread, it would mean a lot.

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Pinkie Pie has lived a very passionate and successful life and is getting older, even if it pains Discord's heart to see his love fading before his eyes.

Pinkie/Discord one shot, not edited sorry, enjoy.

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Princess Celestia goes through the same routine day after day and has grown tired of it, even with her long life cycle. So when her old friend, Twilight Velvet has an idea sure to catch some attention, the ruler of the sun agrees, albeit begrudgingly.

Now connecting with other females who value their children lives above themselves like herself, she begins to find comfort in those she considers friends.

Until an accidental slip of the tongue reveals her true identity and the fate of her son's life could very well be in the balance.

Why couldn't she just be a normal pony?

Author's Note: There will be more characters then the tags suggest and current cover art used until I have the money to have a custom one made, apologizes. Also major Discord/Pinkie Pie, though Discord himself won't appear in the story, just mentioned. Rated Teen for mild language (it's me, come on) and alcohol.

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Discord felt the need to vent about the time before he was trapped in stone, and Spike seems to be the only one who could truly understand such a lifespan as they also talk about the mares they love and the hope of being loved in return, after all, not even a god can make up a pony's mind.

(Written as an apology for MissytheAngle for the horrible story I made for her years ago, ironically this was supposed to be a FlutterCord but somehow ended up with a one sided love triangle, if it's not to your liking Missy I'll be sure to write you a real FlutterCord story)

Edited by beirirangu an old friend of mine that's a damn great editor, at least from what I've seen since I know nothing about it. Thank you my friend.

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Spike the dragon never knew his true nature growing up, getting more and more engaged with each passing day until something finally snaps and he’s forced to deal with taming the monster he’s becoming.

As Ember, Scootaloo and Twilight try their best to aid the dragon, and Spike himself tries to keep from doing what should come naturally with his kind.

Co-written with Nasha Rei Kun and edited by F1utt3rShI

Couldn't find a great cover art, trust me I've looked. Sorry, but the story is still damn good.

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All her life she wanted children, now that she’s finally given what she desired for so long she’s never letting go of him and though they may not interact much in the public eye, they love each other with all their heart and will get through anything life throws at them. As mother and son.

Chapters are not connected unless otherwise specified, the romance tag is for both Spike and Celestia being involved with other creatures but each other, naturally. No Spike/Rarity and Celestia/Twilight, so don’t even ask but I’m willing to pair Celestia and Spike with anyone else, even their own genders.


Very special thank you to my editor SpikeSupreme13, I have no idea what he did but I trust him, you're awesome brother.

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On an expedition to explore a new spell and teach Rarity more magical abilities than she possesses, Twilight, Rarity and Vinyl Scratch enter into the mind of the beloved Fluttershy, in an attempt to achieve a higher level of a creature’s imagination and thoughts but unknowingly tread upon a very dangerous secret, one that could shatter the poor mare completely.

Special thanks to seer45 for allowing me to use his cover art and KorvasTerindar for editing.

Featured on 9/10/2014, thank you every pony and creature, means a lot.

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Immortality comes at a very dark and somber price, one that Twilight never realized until it was too late. But though she’s faced with a dark truth, she knows for a fact that her best friend, her dragon, her Spike will never leave her side, until his dying breath.

As the two reminisce about the past that brought them together they learn of a truly dark and hidden secret about Equestria’s history they wished they never heard.

Written for my author friend, Ekhidna and edited by the amazing author, Beirirangu thank you both for being such awesome people.

Cover Art created by The Dark Knight this man knows how to draw, thank you.

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