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Professional Artist? · 12:06am Nov 13th, 2017

Any really good artists in the fandom? I have a few custom cover arts I want made and I have the money if you have the time and patience. Keep in mind I'm very detailed but will take consideration to your words to changes and such, naturally you'll be credited and given a link to your profile on top of being paid.

Let me know the price and if you would be willing to negotiate or not.

Let me know if any of you are willing to help, thanks.

Until next time.

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Apple Bloom/Rumble Aid? · 8:39pm Nov 2nd, 2017

What's up everyone? So I have an idea for an Apple Bloom/Rumble one-shot in my head.

Problem is as much as I love the Apple family, I'm terrible at writing them. So I was wondering if anyone who knows how to write any of the Apple family would mind helping me out and co-authoring with me on this one-shot?

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Four Hundred! · 12:09am Oct 12th, 2017

Holy bucking shit, it took me five years but this is still a very, very big deal for me. Thank you everyone so much for four hundred followers, I'm very excited and I feel like I should do something to celebrate. Ideas?

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Trying to bring a pairing back. · 9:09pm Oct 9th, 2017

Hey every creature, Inferno here wanting to talk to everyone about something on my mind for the last few days.

So if you have not noticed by some new stories of mine, I been writing a lot of Pinkie/Discord, I found only two groups of the pairing and not that many stories which made me confused and a bit sad.

It seemed like much of what the two have in common are already in place yet it has not been touched upon as much as one would hope.

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Looking for editors and proofreaders! · 10:09pm Apr 24th, 2017

Welcome everypony, as you are aware I'm in need of people who are willing to journey with me on a very dark and serious voyage titled A Son's Loyalty.

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Spike The Son (New group by a friend) · 11:14pm Mar 4th, 2017

How you all doing, motherbuckers?

I have a friend of mine who recently made a new group titled Spike The Son by CaioCoia that has Spike being raised by Celestia, Twilight or Velvet.

Please give it a join if you're a fan of any of them raising our favorite dragon and be sure to add your own stories that fit the mold, I'm hoping his/her group gets big.

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Professional artist? · 12:56am Mar 3rd, 2017

How you doing everyone? I need a bit of help, I have two big, serious multi-chapter stories I'm planning on writing and I'm hoping to have someone who really good at drawing to aid me, you'll get credited and of course paid, which we can work on another time. For now though, my current artist is either busy or can't get to me so I have to ask for another's help, any takers?

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Cleaning out my profile. · 6:35pm Feb 28th, 2017

Just letting everyone know I'm unfollowing those who have not been online for a very long time, save for a few in the hopes they'll return. That includes groups I no longer care about, if you have not been online for four weeks or more then I'm unfollowing you, again save for a few.

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Anyone want to co-op? · 3:30am Feb 11th, 2017

Hi there fillies and gentlecolts, I have an idea I'd like to share if anyone is interested, it's a SpikeBloom story and will be rated mature for blood, gore and swearing, I really need help with writing down Zecora and the Apple family as well as alchemy for AB and Zecora but I'll give you a rough draft of the summary and let those who want to join in help, it will be called Blood On My Claws, I'll need editors, proofreaders and of course those that know how to do justice for Zecora, the Apple

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New idea? (Also hi, I'm back) · 4:48am Jan 31st, 2017

What's up old friends and fans, it is I, the asshole who writes Spike and ponies....mainly Spike.

Anyway I have an idea I'm hoping to run by anyone interested, it's going to be about Sweetie Belle dealing with the struggles of being gay, in an AU story where I assume it's not accepting as much as you would think.

No romance, just a serious talk and some humor in it with many colts and fillies from the show, including Spike, no OCs.

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