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Inferno demon Dash

Showing you the darker, more realistic side of MLP in my writing. Smoking, swearing and being a bastard, but that's nothing new with me. Got a cigarette?

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  • 85 weeks
    New idea.

    I have an idea for a slice of life, maybe comedy and romance story with Fluttershy and Spike working for Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie, rated teen for swearing, smoking and maybe drinking as the two work for different goals, experience or even more in Spike's case and money, naturally. The romance is Discord/Pinkie and Spike/Gabby.

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  • 87 weeks

    Hey everyone, I'm back. Just watched season eight and nine plus the movie and I have to say, I really liked it. Some parts made me laugh really hard and the final fight was insane for MLP at least.

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  • 187 weeks
    Professional Artist?

    Any really good artists in the fandom? I have a few custom cover arts I want made and I have the money if you have the time and patience. Keep in mind I'm very detailed but will take consideration to your words to changes and such, naturally you'll be credited and given a link to your profile on top of being paid.

    Let me know the price and if you would be willing to negotiate or not.

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  • 188 weeks
    Apple Bloom/Rumble Aid?

    What's up everyone? So I have an idea for an Apple Bloom/Rumble one-shot in my head.

    Problem is as much as I love the Apple family, I'm terrible at writing them. So I was wondering if anyone who knows how to write any of the Apple family would mind helping me out and co-authoring with me on this one-shot?

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  • 191 weeks
    Four Hundred!

    Holy bucking shit, it took me five years but this is still a very, very big deal for me. Thank you everyone so much for four hundred followers, I'm very excited and I feel like I should do something to celebrate. Ideas?

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Cleaning out my profile. · 6:35pm Feb 28th, 2017

Just letting everyone know I'm unfollowing those who have not been online for a very long time, save for a few in the hopes they'll return. That includes groups I no longer care about, if you have not been online for four weeks or more then I'm unfollowing you, again save for a few.

I know that this site either gets boring after a time or you lose interest in ponies, hopefully season seven sparks that back up though. I'm sorry but I would like to be able to go to notifications without being flooded like crazy, and I have way too many people I follow for one reason or another...this is going to take a long time.

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Pssh, have fun. I am not sorting though over 200 users.

4439292 Thanks smartass:ajsmug: I followed over one thousand plus.

Well that was a nightmare, got rid of about four hundred people give or take...damn, also deleted a lot of groups.

Fair enough. I might do the same.

4439718 It might take a few hours for you my old friend :rainbowlaugh:

4439787 I'm guessing that's what it took for you XD. Also yes, I hope Season 7 helps to rejuvenate everything :yay:.

4440261 An hour or two at most but it was worth it. Also made me sad how so many with one thousand plus could just up and bail. I barely have near four hundred and I know for a fact I could not do that....I'm going to be on this site forever :rainbowlaugh:

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