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While in the forest looking for some ingredients for an experiment, Twilight finds an injured pony and takes him to the hospital. Who is this strange pony? Why can't he remember anything? And why doesn't he have a Cutie Mark?

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That was splendid i simply must read the second oh the allegiance of your writing is marvellous.

1058 Why thank you, I guess writing comes naturally when it's about ponies.

(Don't listen to him. He had to Google the word allegiance to find out what it meant.)

........shut up you.

1059 Oh god he knows my interweb history as long as he does not check my room ill be fine.

interesting, you should post of fanfiction

Nice work. i applaud you on making such a nice OC pony fanfic. :pinkiecrazy:

I lolled so much when I saw the name of your main character. I mean they call him Soul. In fps games my nickname is used to be Soul_HUNter. My friends from teamspeak are call me instanly Soul after my nick.
And if its not enough, I'm also as polite as your character.
So, lol.
Make more fast.

Absolutely great, would love to see more soon!:rainbowderp:

:raritystarry: And that was amazing. Continue for us all.


*me gusta face* i demand more

I just re-read both of these chapters. GRAMMAR MISTAKES EVERYWHERE!

I also read alot of romance novels

looks like somepony has a thing for rarity :raritywink:
regardless, nice chapter. keep going.

or else :eeyup:

13694 Actually Rarity isn't even my favourite, Pinkie is. Soul is not me.

Nice chapter even if it was a bit short :) I was afraid this fic was canceled :D


Nope not cancelled, just writers block combined with laziness and schoolwork. It's worse than herpes. And thanks! I'm gonna be making shorter chapters from now on so I can update more often. (accidentally writes 10000 word chapter, takes a year)...bollocks.

15695 dang ive heard writers block can bee the wost its been the downfall of many great writers/stories hang in there im sure something will come to you :rainbowdetermined2:

Pokemon Soulsiver! Ha, can't get it past me

Cabt wait for part four, this is absolutely wonderful.:eeyup:

Been waiting for this for a while, good job. I know firsthand the effects Skyrim can have on one's life, so consider yourself forgiven for the lateness.

Very nice work, soul. continue. please.

Same here.
A little tip, dragons can't attack on either of their sides if you can get them on the ground. But be careful of the tail and face.
And finally, YOL TOOR SHUL!!!

43377 I have recently discovered a mace that makes fighting dragons SO much easier. It usually takes me 10 or so minutes to kill one but with this I got it down to less than half before it flew off.

Me likes how this is going... I forgive you.. Keep it up!

The simple solution to the plot would be that he's an immortal Highlander transported from the planet Zeist and now is tasked with decapitating Clancy Brown, because after all, "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!"*Queen starts playing in the background* Then he becomes mortal, and is followed by a lot of crappy sequels and spin-offs.

43458 That is actually so close and yet so far away from what I had in mind.

43682 Ooh which one did I get right, I bet it's the part about the god awful sequels and spin-offs. Seriously, Highlander 3 and Highlander: Endgame can both eat shit.

44100 Lol, you have to wait. Though now I'm tempted to put Queen in there somewhere. Maybe ponify them or something.

Btw, if you've been to Sky Haven Temple there's a sword in the back room called Dragonbane, steal it. 10% extra damage to dragons and it's a real nice sword.

Excellent story reading the next chapter ... now.:twilightsheepish:

180895 IKR?! God, that Soul is so insensitive!

YAY! I had pretty much forgotten about this story but that was a great chapter! There goes Spike's chances with Rarity.

Procrastinators of the world unite!.. Tomorrow.

YESSS! NEW CHAPTER! I didn't think you'd update this... but i'm glad you did.
*note to self: learn telekinesis blocking techniques..

Yay new chapter, glad that I tracked this :raritywink:

Really great work!javascript:smilie(':rainbowlaugh:');

Well written!javascript:smilie(':scootangel:');

Well done, keep up the great workjavascript:smilie(':pinkiehappy:');

I have a feeling Soul used to be another creature. And that he is a man many decent women would love.

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