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Follow a familiar duo as they endeavor to change one another for the better and share an unexpected adventure.

For Captain Twilight Sparkle this is a chance to get her charge to start taking his station seriously as she guides him along his first royal task.
For Prince Spike this is a long awaited chance to make new friends, and maybe get his no nonsense guardian to loosen up a bit.

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Duuude a new story? Friggin awesome!

Glad that you liked it so far Pyro:twilightsmile:

Great story the whole self narrating beginning almost killed me but I held on. Then the young 'BABY' prince Spike was a huge boner killer :facehoof: ok so he's an adolescent teen....then give him a body to match it god.....still like the story besides that huge buzz kill.

I thank you for patience Animated Rarity, and I'm glad that you still enjoy the story. As for the body thing... give it some time. I'm not gonna say anything specific, but I can say that while this story follows the show's path things are gonna be different. Either way I'm happy to hear from my readers and get your input.

5909763 how often are you gonna update I don't wanna be blueballed :rainbowlaugh:

Little tip: That bit at the beginning should probably be in the author's notes, if only to keep it from hijacking the story.

Well as much enjoyment as this seems to be getting I'll have to bump it on the update list. I can't make any promises on when updates will occur but hopefully I can get something out on a 1-2 week basis. Something that gives me time to work on the fics properly while leaving room for my outside responsibilities.

And it's a really good tip so I thank you for it.

5909797 It's Spilight, blueballed is expected no matter how good the story:fluttercry:

5909926 don't ruin my mood with facts :raritydespair::raritycry:

Very nice start i would love to see more

by the title, I was kinda expecting it to be very different; practically the opposite of what it is: Spike secretly being the best body guard in the business, but just about nobody outside of it is aware of his prowess, and is disguised as a simple assistant under the one he's protecting; the head royal ambassador (though I'm not sure if that's the right title) , Twilight sparkle, who Celestia knew was going to be the head element of harmony and eventually official royalty

And having read the story, I was arguing with it the whole way through... like with Twi's, "excite your subjects by watching them work," argument, which I would've EASILY countered with the, "so you'd also be excited to have your superior breathing down your neck, one that can severely punish you for doing even the smallest thing wrong... THAT would make you more excited for what you're doing, right?" To which, I was highly and excitedly expecting the ruse of them roughly switching roles (to that of the canon's)

OK I love this. And Love it because Spike a prince. I just love it when people write it that Celestia's his mom, Momstia is the tia. Also I must say making Twilight a guard I like, it makes her extremes even more extremes, especially with how she views Spike, the Bloody perfectionist she is.

I have ask is Spike going to be more in the action in this story, like his he going to have an element or an play some other important role in facing Nightmare Moon. Also hope that we get to see Aunty Luna, we don't see that side of her much.

Also who else what to make bets on the going in all royal is going to end badly for them and Spike was right. Am betting 100 bits.

5909926 Ya that pairing's stories are a bit on the slow side.

5909952 I'm personally hoping for a Spike x CMC ( one and all of them) my self. I just think it will go that way with Spike wanting to be more with the common people and Rarity going all " GMO your the crowned prince, please go on a date with me." with kill any feeling he'l have for her.

5910355 you misspelled Spike x Twilight :trollestia:

This are my type of stories.... Where Spike is not the mlp krillin and Twilight is a true soldier... Good story man.... Good story I will be expecting new chapters soon good luck....

Well then you shall get more.

While that would make for a very interesting story beirirangu, I'm sorry to say that is not really what I'm going for. As for Twilight's 'pep talk' the best I can tell ya man is to give it a little time. We gotta remember that during that first episode in season 1 Twilight had little interest in making friends, and it took a small bit before she really seemed to treat Spike any better than just hired help. She's great at what she does... problem is that she hardly gives any thought to anything else.

Glad that you are enjoying the story so far, and very happy to hear that you like my spin on things here. While I can't really give any spoilers at the moment I can say that Spike plays a much larger role in this universe. He's got big boots that he'll one day need to fill, and sometimes being a nice guy isn't enough. Luckily he has a top-notch perfectionist/ arcane prodigy to look after him, and whip him into shape.

Happy to hear that this newest fever dream of mine is something you can enjoy:moustache: Thanks for the good luck, if it helps I'm already working on chapter 2.

5910767 just remember good sir your not alone we your fellow bronie and friends are happy to help and support one another....

5910767 but in the first episode, nobody seemed to treat Spike as anything other than a baby dragon assistant, and the way it seems to be going, she's going to be overprotective and constantly treating him as a lord (as well as herself as a guard) which was what I thought you were originally going for with the "joke"

5910425 First took me a minute to get the joke, but I like it, really funny.
Second WOW and I thought I had OTP issues. This site killed those by the way, I was but a Sparity zealot and one day I read Legacy of Dragons and Knights and that killed those OTP issues and wanting to kill the main six with glue. Now I'm love Sparity, Spilight, Spike x CMC, Spike x Vinyl,Spike x Luna and heck even Spike x Big Mac.
Back to the point, I now I can see how a Spilight can work in this story. Also it would be so funny to see this get to the Wedding and just to see how mirrored their relationship is to Shining and Cadence. I could so see Shiining going " We are a pair aren't we sis. Both of use go weak at the knees at royalty and fall hard well on duty. The only different is I get some sweat mature clams, well you seem to have a thing for young salty popsicle(s)" Twilight then bucks him in the head and blast him into a wall.

5911002 oh Yea I loved sparity heck look at my name I LOVED RARITY but alas fanfic made me hate her but I love spike x anyone but now my favorite male mc has to be Sombra he's just so good:yay:

5911074 Same story with me plus some Twilight hate, heck she was my favorite before Spike become my all time favorite. Also not to be mean but I can't think of anything with Sombra that doesn't have Spike killing him over and over again.

5911095 bro do you want recommendations so you can 'Hail the King' also? Because they have Sombra x Shining(weird but surprisingly cute)/Twilight/Luna/Chrysalis/Pinkie/Fluttershy/Rarity/OCs/Celestia and they are ALL GOOD...no...AMAZING:pinkiehappy:

5911122 Share way not, Especially the one with Shinning I love a good male x male story. So just an case you misheard I meant Spike killing Sombra.

5911138 i know but I only read one story with spike killing Sombra and fluttershy died and rainbow and he became a champion of the crystal empire but ummm for shining x Sombra here you go






Hmm, I would have loved seeing a bit of Spike's childhood, and how much of a menace he probably was to raise, but oh well. I wonder how well they actually know him, I wager he's a lot smarter than he acts.

“What’s the worse that can happen?”


I finally got around to reading this story. And like always you did not disappoint, Sir GiantMako!:pinkiehappy:
Great job! Looking forward to this, and any of your stories being updated!:moustache::twilightsmile::trollestia:

Oh you'll get some peaks in due time. Also I have no idea what you're talking about.:trollestia:

Duck and cover indeed.

Always awesome hearing from you DarkDMan. Looking forward to giving you a bunch of updates to read:moustache:

5935534 Right back at you! I'll be waiting!:moustache::twilightsmile:


Its yoooooooooooooooooooooooou! You are baaaaaack:heart:

Why yes indeedy. And with my late return I've brought a few updates, and some new ideas I'll be trying out. It's good to hear from you Max:moustache:

update soon?

Come, come, come, come!


Update after the new submission gets let through. Sorry for the wait

Awesome I can't wait for s new chapter :pinkiehappy:

This seems promising. Awaiting next chapter. :moustache:

Almost a year later. Is this still a thing?

You have my full attention, huge fan of Spike and Momlestia and love the idea of Twi as a captain and Spike being a full prince, I'm very excited to see more.

Shame this never got a second chapter, it was so interesting too!

this is a fun little fic. I would recommend continuing it. It would be interesting to see how things change with this dynamic.

The Rairity/Spike ship would be strong.
I can see Twilight being even less receptive to Rainbow and PinkyPie.
And is it weird that I see Twilight respecting AppleJack and the Apple family quicker than in cannon?

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