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Garble's behavior towards Spike and his pony friends - despite being mimicked by his cronies - was unacceptable by the standards of the Elder dragons, and he was taken sorely to task for it. When the Elders decided an apology had to be delivered, Garble's twin sister, Garbledina, volunteered to deliver the apology. She claimed it was a sense of responsibility for her twin's behavior, but in truth she was curious about the 'runt' who so thoroughly got under his skin.

When she actually meets him, however, that curiosity quickly grows to something more. This comes as a shock to Spike and his friends...especially to a certain unicorn mare.

Cover image - cropped from the image that inspired this story - by Mr. 101.

Chapters (6)
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So it begins. :moustache:

K I am really interested in where this is going, I love seeing Rarity getting jealous lol:duck:. It will be interesting seeing Spike handle the affection of a female dragon coming on to him (which he wont be use to being the subject of affection lol), Got to ask tho, now is Spike just a shorter dragon or is he still a baby. I got to admit I am liking the Idea he is just shorter or just a few (1 or 2) years younger then her.:moustache:

haven't read yet, but "Garbledina"? You couldn't come up with another name like Mardeth or Sentha or something? but I won't count it against the story for that... I'm here for the Spike romance

Garbledina is the official name of R63 Garble. Used for that very reason.

He's shorter because dragon growth is determined by their environment. He wants to be accepted by the ponies who he lives with, so he has remained shorter - and thus less threatening - than them.

Like so far? Any chance of the coverart we talked about?

Well, this is an interesting story. Garble's twin crushing on Spike, Spike finally meeting a female of his species, and a jealous Rarity. Something tells me that his is going to be a fun read.:trollestia:

I certainly hope so. I have no idea where I'm going with this.

4181129 R63 is the exact character in swapped gender, not a twin, id est the new name has to be the most similar version of that name.

But, the only reason I'm really bringing this up is because I have three pairs of twin cousins and the closest to that is Michael & Matthew (the other two are David & Selena, and Timothy & Briana)

I have explanation!

Twin dragons are two dragons who hatch from the same egg. There is no way to predict that by dragon medicine standards. Garble's parents expected one son, and had only picked out one boy's name. However, dragons must be named at the moment of their birth, so they tacked an extra two syllables onto Garble's name for his twin sister.

Which is another reason Garbledina is rather apologetic about her twin brother, since for the first half of their lives, she lived entirely in his shadow.

4181213 You're lucky there's no cannon on dragon breeding and hatching... but again, I'm not taking it against the story and I would've given her another name

Actually, I just made that up as you brought it up, but it lets me develop Garbledina's character a great deal more than I had. So thanks!

4181182 You think I know where I'm going with my stories? Most of them I make up as I go and its worked for me so far.

Generally, I at least have some idea of where I want to go with a story, even if I don't know how I'll get there, and sometimes the destination changes on occasion.

This is my first story where I set down the first chapter of a multi chapter, and then had to ask myself, "What next?"

Nice start, I look forward to where this is going.

Since one question already sparked some depth for Garbledina, here's a few of my own.

1. Why is Garbledina doing this and not her parents or guardians? Why isn't Garble being forced to apologize? Did he refuse the Elders and thus is in trouble back in Dragon-Land?

2. How does courtship work with Dragons? Are females usually the aggressors, or are males? It would be interesting if Garbledina attempts to date Spike, but since he grew up with ponies, he doesn't have the same cultural background. Given the greed of dragons in MLP, I would imagine that dragons expect to compete for mates, so Rarity getting jealous could set off a nasty feedback loop. Rarity gets possessive of Spike, making him seem more desirable to Garbledina, she flirts with him, Rarity gets more possessive... and Garbledina sees nothing wrong with this, as she expects it.

3. How will Garbledina react to Spike's "noble dragon code?" That seems to be something he's come up with because he rejects the behavior of Garble. Or is Spike's code closer to how dragons really are, once they get past the "awkward adolescence" phase? The only other dragon to get significan screen time was the one in "Dragonshy" and he apparently was just grumpy over his nap being interrupted, so it's not much to go on.

(Actually, I seem to recall the older dragons in Dragonquest sat around the edge of the volcano, while Garble and the younger dragons were mostly inside it. Perhaps the older dragons were making sure their young didn't get into TOO much trouble with non-dragons while they worked off their aggression? And, of course, Garble and his friends snuck out to steal phoenix eggs, like teenagers sneaking out of the house to go to a party.)

4. Another thing you might want to consider is how Spike's egg got to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and how that affects his status among dragons. A lot of fimfics suggest that he was a "dud" egg that Twilight managed to hatch anyway, or that dragon eggs need a lot of magic as they mature, so sending an egg to CSGU might make sense. Was he a tribute to Celestia, or a diplomatic exchange, or did she just find the egg in the wilderness or take it from a dragon that invaded Equestria? Was this Celestia the chess-player, setting up the egg so she can find the bearer of the Element of Magic, or was it all just a big coincidence? The answers to this would say something about Spike's standing among other dragons. Since he has access to the highest levels of Equestrian Government, I would think that the Elder Dragons are paying close attention to him. (Personally, I like the idea of a diplomatic exchange, and that there is a pony or two growing up among the dragons :)

5. This last is purely for my own amusement: Any chance that Garbledina's "Aunt" Crackle could show up? I'd love for Rarity to meet the dragon that matched her costume. Maybe Crackle is a dragon fashionista who shares a lot of Rarity's tastes. :)


Lots of questions. Let's see...

1. Dragons raise their young - once they reach a certain age - communally. All adults are responsible for all children once they're old enough to step out of the nest and interact with others. Garble is in serious trouble for his actions towards Twilight and the others - specifically Twilight, at the time Celestia's personal student. He refused to apologize, and Garbledina volunteered to deliver an apology on behalf of the Elders.

2. Now that I've come up with a plan for this story, that's the entire story, actually. So keep reading to find out. However, I will say that clothing plays a surprisingly large part in it for a culture with no nudity taboo.

3. Again, that's part of the story plan.

4. I have no in story explanation as of yet, though my personal headcanon is that Spike is a dragon/pony hybrid, and his egg was left with his mother, who - despite her great power - lacked the raw magic necessary to hatch the egg of a dragon with such high magic potential.:trollestia:

5. Nope.

Good story, but that name...


You might wanna try again.

I have given full explanation for the name - both plot wise and writing wise - as to why I used the name. And the name will actually now be a plot point.

Not a bad start. Keep going.

I like it. hopeful you can make clop on the side:trollestia::rainbowwild:

No really pleach:pinkiehappy:

Unlikely. I lack confidence in my clop writing skills. I might ask a friend to write it, though.

4182819 if you do i'll fav that shit out of it and hit the like button until it broke:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy:

4182819 btw did you make that cover???

See the description.

Comment posted by DragonPony deleted Apr 5th, 2014
Comment posted by DragonPony deleted Apr 5th, 2014

K I have to admit I am starting to love your story. I always like it when a female shows interest in Spike and not him always chasing after people (that goes double for the care cases of dragoness). And Dina seems to be such a interesting character, can't wait to see more from your Spike as well, see his personality and what makes him special. (As of right now I am strongly Spike x Dina she seems to be genuinely interested in him and like that he is different from other dragons:twilightblush:) I do want to hear what Rarity was talking about when they left:duck:, but even more so can't wait for the next morning when Dina can try his great cooking and she shows her around town as she tell him about being a dragon (would be nice if the walk was alittle romantic, you know Spike can't help himself lol):moustache:

4183998 Hey give a pass on that one, it was recovered nicely by having her called Dina. And if your in a social group where you are in the shadow of your male counterpart, it is not that uncommon to be given a different version of their name. ... K a first I was :ajbemused: right there with you, but it recovered from that little fumble lol.:pinkiehappy:

I'm liking Diana, both the name and character. I can see Spike getting some action and a lot of stripe teases in his future, probably to Rarity annoyance.

4184623 I know and doesn't that just make it so much sweeter for some reason lol. I do want to hear her teach him about being a dragon., and about his inner dragon being "massive" lol.:trixieshiftright:

4184806 Same here, though am I the only one sensing the double meaning behind that?

same as a lot of guys great story but the name shoot it an kill it with fire

4184846 Hmm only if you think that she wasn't just kidding about her invite to keep her bed warm lol.:moustache:

Just a quick question, as this seems interesting: you got permission from Mr101 to use this, right?

Yes I did. This story was inspired by said artwork, first posed as a comment on it on DA, and he cropped the image for me.

4185412 Cool: just wanted to make sure. It's a pretty interesting story, I'll give you that.

I will definitely keep an eye on this. I love the premise on several fronts:
-- the arrival of another dragon, specifically a FEMALE dragon. Seriously, as much as we fan can come up with the concept, I would be surprised if the people at DHX have actually wondered about how a female dragon would work
-- Spike actually having feelings for another girl, but this time the girl is a fellow dragon, and we see that said dragoness actually likes what she sees in Spike initially.
-- seeing that the ponies, OK, Princess Twilight and her friends, are willing to see that she isn't hostile, as opposed to when ponies first saw Zecora and made Ponyville into a ghost town.
-- Finally we get to have a glimpse into Rarity's psyche. Sure she has some affection for Spike, probably as a little brother or a dear friend. So it's very interesting to see how she reacts when she now has a romantic rival for Spike. She has to let herself know once and for all who Spike is to Rarity. (Not to mention I believe all the others know that between Spike and Rarity, the feelings are mutual, even if Rarity doesn't show it in public):raritywink:

THIS IS GOOD. THIS PLEASES ME. I would like to request more.:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by DanvilleBengal deleted Apr 5th, 2014

"Come and knock on our door.
Come and knock on our door.
We have been waiting for you.
We have been waiting for you.
For the tales of a drake, alicorn and dragoness,
Three's Company, too!!!"
......I hope I at least got some of the jingle right..:fluttershysad: Also, after doing it, I'm starting to think maybe I should have used unicorn, referring to Rarity, since there could be a bit of a potential triangle between Spike, Dina, and Rarity. I went with "alicorn" referring to Twilight, but also because Spike and Twilight live in the same house, and now Dina's their houseguest.

Hmm... A new dragoness in town that is quickly developing feelings for Spike, Rarity getting jealous for her getting more of his attention, and not realizing it, making competition, and Spike deals with a possible love triangle. Yes, this pleases me. :pinkiecrazy:

I am already liking this story. I am liking the idea of shipping 'Dina with Spike! Keep up the awesome work!

Rairty you had your chance. Now it is Garbledina's turn!

I suspect a fight between Rarity and Dina. Round 1...

This... This is good. Forget Rarity, she had her chance. I'm rooting for 'Dina

4188106 And let the fight BEGIN!!!!!

4188330 Not yet. Wait for it...wait for it...and...

4180777 :moustache: May we all have sexy female dragons. :moustache:

4188106 My Little Anthro: Fighting is Sexy?

I'm glad you decided to write this after myself and others commented on DA.

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