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Welcome to the heirs of the gods! ^_^

I'm Lux and the creator of this little group and it was primarily made just becuase I could do it. I don't expect this group to even get 10 members but that doesn't really matter to me.

Now this group holds the stories of your alicorns, draconequuses(Or whatever the plural of draconequus is), super humans and etc. All this group is really made for is for the ponies and creatures in Equestria that hold great power in their stories or just have ties to god like characters in the show or fandom.

Now I know you might be wondering what would be counted as a god in context to the show and just so we have a basis will all the princess be counted as gods along with all alicorns as that was their role in the beginning basically. Even to some extent will extremly powerful unicorns be counted in so add king Sombra for good messure.

Now other gods would be other magically powerful characters like Discord. But becuase it would make it easier to include some other ocs could we also count queen cheese-legs as a god.

Now I know what you're thinking, "All ocs in this group are mary sues and over powered", and I understand you. This group will most likly have stories with OP characters but we have so many good writers that can make a oc like this that isn't op and isn't perfect, so I trust our own community to not just make OP characters.

Anyway enough rambling from me, you'll see which catagory to add your story to so just message me if you have any questions :twilightsmile:

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I see that people have actually added their stories here. Thank you.

Hello there.

If you have a desire to add a story just do so :twilightsmile:

I should ask for people to add their stories here to expose the group

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