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Nov 7th "Maybe"



This story is a sequel to Maybe and...

This is the 11 th part to the maybe series. What seems like a nice peaceful day of mach need relaxation may turn into out to be a day of confusion and terror. At the results of a magical mishap which may leave our main character trapped.

To new readers of this series I hate to say it but I suggest you go and start from the beginning if you want to better understand the story but it's up to you as a read if you want a back story.

To old readers I am trying something a little bit different I hope you enjoy this part as it follows the story. But I would really like to hear back from you on what you think about the new role of the main character.

(Romance tagged for the series.)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 28 )

*gets mad at fate*... its 02:00 am here... (GMT+1)... time to "hit the hay"...

*reserves this comment for tomorrow* god... i know i will be unable to sleep well,... with the knowledge there is a new "Maybe,,," Story... :fluttercry:

P.S. unread: thump up + fave and Fat1thatyoulove know why ^^

<Next Day>
PRICELESS!!! Thats to rich!!! I freaking LOVE it!

But to be honest; this Story would be called a stopgap, if this would be a TV-Show ;p even if it have Main-Story developing elements.
"The prime main character is separated from the secondary main character, with have to do something of its own, with no prior hint that it will be happen in next the episode and the beginning situation of the episode is nearly identical to the ending situation, AND no focusing on the secondary main Character and what he or she have done the entire time."

Maybe a little review what Twilight have done would be good, to throw the "Ow nothing have happened... expect for a medium apocalypse" joke near the end is very good, but to let a Story or Chapter end this way is a, sorry to say that, lame habit ^^""".
no offense ^^"""

Well thats all i have found ^^ but all in all (i hope this is actually a phrase in English ;p) its again a great work. ^^

Twilight laughs a little, he horn glows purple and you feel your head become warm again.

Twilight smiles and her horn glows, her normal purple hair poofs back on top of her head. “I didn’t like it bald either.”

*laughs like hell*

I have the strange feeling that there is something missing... but i don't know what...
*Minutes later*
...aw hell... i have no idea... maybe after i finished the whole Story i get what is missing...

“Everypony knows that cutie marks are ticklish.”

*fingerpyramid of evil* "hmpf..." *+ evil smile*

nothing to say here expect for:

“We hold things using a form of magic.”

This decision can become problematic. Its important that you do always remember this decision, or you will maybe contradict your Story / you Self. (first time used the Term "contradict" i hope the use was correct)

I myself have once managed to create a contradiction in one of my storylines... and not a minor one... darn... i ruined the entire story and had to rewrite the whole thing...

great work ^^
nothing to say here ^^

You don’t know why but you for some reason have just leaned forward and kissed her

X'D thats to funny! What a quite compromising development of things. I love it ^^


Thanks for the feedback. And yes this part was more of a stand alone story just for the main character, I just wanted to try something a bit different.

1953046 always happy to help ^^

and yes, this 'trying a new thing' i have realized ^^ (beside out of the introduction of the story)

(pewdiepie) BARRELS! KILL THEM!


this has been one of three of the best chapters in the hole story, great.


LOL thanks, I am trying to turn the main character into more of a hero. That was the change I was trying with this part. :twilightsmile:

HA HA! Iknew I could still do magic! Chrysalis merely messed mine up with hers!
It still glows purple...it must be a connection with Twilight?:rainbowhuh:

Nope nope nope nope nope!Not Slenderman! First my sister downloads it, we play it, now he's bucking following me!*looks over shoulder*Ok....he's not in he-FUCK!(sounds of static are heard)


Tyler lern hwo to muke gud storiees. I cuntz mukesz butter storiee witouth luking..


Actully is Futty, :pinkiecrazy:

Now I haz 2 geo m3k moar soriez

Yeah, maybe you should lERN HWO TWO FUICKING SPELE111


:duck: Maybe I should...

new story idea thanks Paul . :pinkiehappy:

He's too used to using that method to shut Twilight up.


LAMO! that was good, I applaud you for bringing that up.

Is he pimp or stupid?


I thought you already read all these? And also DX is were it WAS at not the Rock :raritywink:

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