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"How hard can rocket science be anyway?"

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Equestria and Earth occupy the same point in space and time, just in different realities. Occasionally, a rift may open, allowing something to fall through. Most of the time, its something insignificant, like a few particles of dust or a sock.

Yet sometimes, something bigger might fall through. Something both amazing, and mundane. Something beautiful, yet ugly. I guess it all depends on who's looking at it.

What if, one day. A car fell through the planes of reality? What would the ponies make of the strange object we take for granted on a day to day basis?

And most of all. What stories could it tell them?

Co-authored/edited by Sneaky

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July 16th 1969 was a monumental day for all of humanity. But what would it have been like through the eyes of a pony?

Inspired by this picture

R.I.P Neil Armstrong

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Several years ago, Equestria saw its first human arrive on its soil. In the years he lived there he went through hardships, greif, and lonliness. But he also felt joy, happiness, friendship and even love.

The past is the past, but the things we put behind us are the things that define us.

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When an unknown ship appears off the coast of Baltimare three ponies are sent out to investigate. Things are not all as they seem aboard the vessel. When strange occurrences start happening They soon discover that there is far more to this ship then first expected.

My first Fic ever so please feel free to point and laugh.
Big thanks to Sorren for his help with this go check him out!

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