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"How hard can rocket science be anyway?"


Equestria and Earth occupy the same point in space and time, just in different realities. Occasionally, a rift may open, allowing something to fall through. Most of the time, its something insignificant, like a few particles of dust or a sock.

Yet sometimes, something bigger might fall through. Something both amazing, and mundane. Something beautiful, yet ugly. I guess it all depends on who's looking at it.

What if, one day. A car fell through the planes of reality? What would the ponies make of the strange object we take for granted on a day to day basis?

And most of all. What stories could it tell them?

Co-authored/edited by Sneaky

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Interesting premise! There are other car-in-Equestria stories, but none where the car is the main character. Curious to see where this is going. Is the fate of the driver relevant, or did the car perhaps fall through while unoccupied?

As a gearhead... I MUST READ!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Not bad at all. I am curious as to what the fate of this car will be :twilightsmile:

I quite like the fact that it is just the car. No driver, no human, no complications; just the interest and imagination of a young colt to decide what this machine could have been.

I wonder if the colt will show it to anypony else or if he will keep it to himself.

I like it! :pinkiehappy: Although I started out thinking it was a mini or something. But still. Cars. :pinkiehappy:

This is kinda like the one I'm working on.

Only the car in mine came out in a cave and is in far better condition there.

It also comes complete with three dead human bodies.

3300229 interesting, i'll have to check it out when you get it out

Ooh, great chapter. I'm really liking how this is going: slices of life revolving around memories of an old car; like a cross-road on the paths of life.

when does the kid come back?

3303578 the story main revolves around several ponies discovering the wreck and making their own connections with it, there is no one defined character, yet there may be some recurring ones. Who knows, the colt might make another appearance.

hey what happened to ut ameture iris? i can't find it :applecry:

The story is interesting, but when I read the description I had gotten the idea that it would involve ponies trying to learn about whoever made the machine by examining it, and perhaps also trying to figure out how it operated. Kind of like archeology. This could still happen, if (for example) Rainbow Dash tells Twilight, who is featured in a future chapter.

I like how you put the same car for different ponies to see, and write a chapter for each.

AJ NEXT Then pinks Then Twi

if only dash knew...

There is one HUGE flaw in the presentation: although alien in nature, ponies would be hard pressed not to instantly recognize a car when they saw one.

This came out 2012. Why it's important to watch the show if you're a writer.





correct me if im wrong, but these two look nothing alike. Sure the interior might have some similarities but there is no way the ponies have any idea what a 'car' is. A motorized chariot? maybe

This is an excellent premise, and you've done very well using it to frame stories of its discoverers and past owners. There's a lot of powerful characterization here. I certainly hope you continue (and/or complete) it!


I do quite like this story and I want to come back to it, but there is simply more demand for my other stories. Plus I can really only write Drive when i'm in a particularly sophistical mood. Regardless its not dead, just on hold.

MOAARRR DAMMMNNNITTT It's been so long! *sobs*

this stories on hiatus ATM. i bit off more than i could chew with two fics; three is way to many.


Jazzaman what kind of Buick are we talking about because the only Buick I know with a big block is the GSX but it a 2 door coupe and you said the car in question was a sedan and I believe it only came with a for speed not a six like in the story. So.... What's going on what kind of Buick is it?
!970 GSX.

But any way great story man I hope to see more.


tbh i didn't do much research. We dont even have buicks here in Australia. I didnt really think the make of the car was important but I choose to make it a buick just because the word sounded alien enough.

6283598 Cool man I like Australia, but since we are on the subject of car what do you drive?


1999 ford falcon XR8 ute. Almost exactly like this one


6284715 Cool dude I never saw one in real life but there is this called Roadkill its like a internet car show. One and time they went down to check out its burn out seen and I saw couple of them on the tracks.

I always liked the falcons [Warring boring car history time] The falcon started is life in 1960 and it was primarily a compact car that you would hall the kids around in of like pick up the grocery's.
It stayed like for a while just living it up like as a family work horse.
Also in 1960 they made a Falcon with a truck bed on it called the Ranchero.
But that all changed in 1964 when Ford put out the Mustang. People frolicked to that car in the states so the next for put out the Falcon Sprint package That upgraded the motor to a 5.0 liter v8 and beefed up the suspension to make it moor mussel looking.
But sadly it did not do so wheel so they went back to what they know and make it back into a family focused compact car and ended production in 1970.
Their was a car called the Falcon and a half in 1971 but is wasn't a true Falcon because is was based off the Ford Torino body.
And that's where the north American Ford Falcon story ends [warning boring car history end]
But anyway cool vehicle man I like it, they shore don't make anything like that over hear any more.

yeah, you american are missing out on utes. They're all the versatility of a pickup truck but all the fun and looks of a muscle car. Plus with big v8's and no weight over the back axel, the slip and slide all over the place. Little scary sometimes

RANBOW DASH THAT THING CAN GO FAST it is just unable to now i feel sorry for that car

I still feel sorry for this car it should be a continued story of someone continues this please tell me:)

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