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This story is a sequel to The Human Named Andy and a Devil Named Pinkie Pie

Seriously people, for the love of all that is holy, don't smoke! It's a rather...bad and addictive habit.

Andy is having a smoke whilst sat outside Sugarcube Corner and Pinkie Pie catches him in the act, prompting her to question Andy's actions.

God, she's so annoying! First the dough balls and now I have to explain myself to her? Christ, just give me a noose already! ~ Andy


Cover Art Credit - HelloEternity - Deviantart

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Comment posted by Thatguywiththeface deleted Jan 31st, 2018

Andy does not give a good enough justification for smoking.

To be honest about it, no smoker really has a good enough excuse to smoke. The reason for that is because there simply isn't one.

As a smoker I do agree it is bad for your health and you seriously shouldn't consider it but there are real reasons people pick up on it. Although their reasons may not be reasons to yourself (not you specifically just anyone in general) they are real reasons caused by real events in that persons life that drove them to search for either a coping mechanism or a crutch. Besides that I enjoyed the story, both of them actually. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Better keep on your efforts to quit, or you'll be a hypocrite.


I'm wondering if it makes me a hypocrite in this situation. What I'm getting at is that while I know this story is focused on smoking, a habit I don't really agree with, I'll admit that I've smoked now and again. I'm not a full-time smoker where I can't last a minute or two without downing a pack, but I will occasionally consider lighting my cigar.

When you mention as a coping mechanism, I think that the most common reason is stress, whether if it's from general life or from a traumatic event.

Thanks for the comment! :heart::twilightsheepish:

Tis a struggle my friend but I can promise you I've been working on it

Stress from chronic depression and work is what pretty much got me into it. It really is a nasty habit but boy does it take the edge off. Since medical marijuana is legal now where I live i've been working on getting my card so i can start a more healthier way to cope with my problems because i've found it helps wayyy better and i never get the urge to spark a stick haha

Most habitual smokers are self-medicating, they tried smoking at some point for various reasons and that experience filled a need they may not have known they had.

can the next bit in the story be their wedding?

I...I'm not sure if I like the sound of that last comment...

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