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This story is a sequel to Andy and Pinkie Pie: Why Do You Smoke?

Andy just wants to chill out and have some time to relax during the weekend, yet he seems to have forgotten that he made a Pinkie Promise to Pinkie Pie, and when it is brought up, Andy lives up to his promise of telling the pink shadow of a mare why he has been so grouchy and unresponsive.


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I know quite a few of you have been waiting for this one and you have also maybe been wondering when I was going to wake up and get on it. Well, quit your jibber-jabber! Here it is! It's not the last one I'm going to write (maybe) and it might just give you a stomach ache, hence the romance tag. However, the dark tag is added because the topic is a little down there, yet it isn't too terrible, if I might say so.

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Very cute, and I do like this kind of ship. Pinkie would be the ideal pony to bring someone out of a funk, and I like where Andy comes from. Sets up the relationship that much more and makes it more believable.

Damn, I was just reading the other two stories, perfect timing!


oh.my.GOSH!! This is so adorbs!!

Well, this is apparently about me, seeing it, as I go by "Andy Ray" :rainbowlaugh:!

Now, this one among the pre/sequels!.. Is emotional!

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