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This story is a sequel to How to Catch a Fluttershy

Three of their friends have been successfully pranked. So far, there have been Apple farmers on a fishing line, a bookworm on a willing-to-kill rampage over a rare classic novel, and a woodland critter tea party to catch a butter-coloured, nature-loving mare off-guard. But no pink party pony. All other friends down, her turn has come up to be next in line!

Some creative thinking will have to be involved, as Pinkie Pie is Ponyville's - and possibly all of Equestria's - most notoriously famous prankster. Not a single pony alive can get by her with a joke she hasn't heard of herself, so each prank must be thought of with well-thought tactics. The Pink El Diablo will either win and sing with glee, or weep in the willows.

With the stakes raised to a whole new and higher bar, Rainbow Dash and Dom must put some thought into their little betting pool for what they may want. With Pinkie in their sights, who will win or lose this challenging bet?

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While I found myself kind of disappointed in Dom's mild "pranks" compared to his more well thought out ones in the other stories,this was still pretty good. Have a like. :pinkiehappy:

I look forward to finding out what Dom whispered into Rainbow's ear of his bet.

I read through this entire series in one night. Absolute BALLER and it had a nicely written story to beat! It's got my fav for sure, and I can't wait for Rarity's turn.

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