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A fan of GIANT military mechs, ponies, video games, ECT.

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I can't believe you wrote a story about belly wubs, you pervert :flutterrage:
I swear, kids these days. The next thing you know, you'll be writing stories about non-consensual nose boops. :fluttercry:

If only you had even the slightest idea of spelling and grammar...

I mean missing capitalization, no spaces between sentences, no empty lines between paragraphs, tense errors, quotation errors,
and a lot more. Those were what I picked up after the first maybe 200 words and stopped reading.

Weirdly enough, I'd non-ironically say to be careful with those; they look quite a bit like punches to the face, so people might misunderstand your intentions, especially when the other person flinches away afterwards.

Should i delete and start over?

Boops for Cider?

How low have you sunk rd <.<

I just thought it was a really cute picture.

9749773 Maybe ask someone for help with proofreading and editing? It's pretty common practice and you'll learn a lot if you work closely with them.

That cover image. :rainbowkiss:

OH! So THAT'S what they were doing at the bar and why they did it so hard!

San francisco

Rainbow dash


"Oh, (Insert name here) I love you so, so, so much


I don't see the point. Edit it, until the most glaring and obvious issues are dealt with.

I dont get it.

9749969 your Derpy picture is freakiing adorable!:derpytongue2:

I'd definitely rub that belly.

I....Still dont get it. What issues?

Respectively, both words of names get capitalized, second verse same as the first, and you left a placeholder where a name is probably supposed to go. The first two are things you could legitimately get away with not noticing, but the last one... I don't care if you did it on purpose, it's dumb and jarring and if you honestly thought it was a good idea then it at least explains what ol' Crimson Prose is doing here. (That's the second alt that headless_rainbow created when she first wrote something non-horrifying that she still didn't want associated with her main, and OC-named accounts get top billing in alt-wars)

I fixed them like you wanted.

I enjoyed reading this a lot! Also, why so many grammar Nazis here?

Now you're just trying to make me laugh!

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