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Nurse Redheart has dedicated her life to the care and wellbeing of everypony of Equestria. Can a chance meeting with a new patient, Anon. Turn her boring, routine duties and life into something brighter and happier?

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I on the other hand, loved it.:twilightsmile:

While there were piles of heaping grammar mistakes, I had no trouble deciphering any of it. So with that said, I really enjoyed the story. Good job, lad, (just be sure to make as few mistakes as possible, and even then, think it better to go back and make corrections).

dude.... bro, like, make a sequel

Cute, adorable, and so much more!:twilightsmile:

"Well...I healed the pain in your body." Red says sweetly, pecking you on the lips. "And you...healed the pain in my heart."

Man, how can you write stuff like this ? Do you want me to die from an heart attack ?? Just kidding, I loved your story, it was so sweet and heartwarming !
Great job mate ! Kudos to you !

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