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I told myself I would never write fanfiction, but here I am. Let's see what happens.

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Future Projects

1: Continue Luna's Twilight Problem
(In Progress)

2: Write a new short story

3: Maybe continue Dawn of Equestria


A Day in The Life of Me · 7:29pm Jan 25th, 2016

Attention: Sections of this blog may be dramatized for your entertainment.
Please proceed with caution and an ability to laugh at the mundane.

~The Beginning~

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Thank You · 1:38am Mar 28th, 2017

A small update, just letting everyone know that I'm still around, but have been rather swamped lately. Thank you very much for all the favorites and follows, don't think I haven't noticed. :twilightsmile:

I hope to return soon, but to avoid breaking any promises I won't give a specific date. Thanks for your patience and if you have any questions, I'm sure you know how to get a hold of me. Cheers!


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Hey, no problem! You are quite welcome! I hope that you have a really great time here on the site and in the community!:twilightsmile:

Well, thank you very much! I appreciate the warm welcome, and I will be certain to contact you if I have any trouble.

Comment posted by FeatherB deleted Jan 22nd, 2016

Why hello there, new FIMFiction user! Welcome to the premiere site for MLP fan fiction!:pinkiehappy:

Feather, if you have any questions about how the site works, then please don't be afraid to ask me. I'm glad to be of service, and we are all glad that you've joined on!:twilightsmile:

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