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Twilight Sparkle has lived an extraordinarily interesting and eventful life, over the course of the past few years. From her literal ascension to royalty and godhood, to defending her country numerous times, she has done many wonderful, and undoubtedly good deeds. But it is on a harsh winter night, where the cold chill bites into a pony's very bones, and the tempestuous winds howl like a ravenous pack of timberwolves, when she is asked a question she never expected to hear.

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Aww, that was sweet.

I feel the dark atmosphere lent itself well to some more questionable aspects and introspection I feel is lacking from the show, but it was a bright spot of hope in an otherwise gloomy world sometimes.

Short and simple. Great story.


Thank you! Do you have any criticisms or critiques?


Well, the way it was set up, I was expecting something along the lines of exploring subjects that the two would never have in normal conversations. Dark subjects and maybe even have Twilight realize something about herself she hadn't before that gives her a moment of reflection on the nature of good and evil (after all, Starlight herself never saw herself as the bad guy either). The bullying angle could certainly have been fruitful (if painful) to explore.

In many ways, I see Starlight and Twilight as foils to one another, with many of the same character traits but with different rationalizations. Again, maybe I'm being presumptuous, but I'd really like to see this as a "who you in the dark" conversation.


That's certainly a story to write in the future.

Currently I'm working on a larger project that I hope will be successful, but I will definitely keep your advice in mind for the next story I write!

I think you are a really good writer and I look forward to seeing more of your works in the future.

Keep it up!

Nice feels! I wasn't sure if the storm outside was something other than just a storm at first, and I wasn't sure why Twilight was so sore... I'm guessing due to the conflict with Cozy Glow?

Anyway, well done. Interesting and enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:

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