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For the longest time, Twilight Sparkle had problems with dating. Although she was the Princess of Friendship, the stallions she had attempted to progress beyond friendship with always seemed to shy away, sometimes at a rapid gallop. Well, this time she has the problem solved. If she can't find a stallion who will be romantic with her, she is going to make a stallion who wants to be romantic with her.

What could possibly go wrong?

Editors: Tek, Starlight_Glimmer, Mitch H, FTL
Picture Credit MoonlightFan on Deviant Art (Little Tigress on FimFiction)
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First comment reserved for the author. Sometimes, even princesses have problems finding Mister Right. Thankfully, Twilight Sparkle has a laboratory.

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Seven chapters, starting.... now.

“So why did you decide to call him Nimbus?”

“Because that’s my name,” said the doll.

It took the two of them an hour to get Spike out from under the bed.


We can always count on you, Twilight.

Oh man, this is gonna be gooooooood. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm kind of wondering if some of the stallions she attempted to date might see her out in public with Nimbus and see her acting like the ideal date toward him, then start feeling bad about themselves.
...Or think she's absolutely bonkers.

...Probably the latter.

This reminds me of one of your shorts from your “writing practice” compilation... specifically the one involving Cheerilee getting some “hooves on fun” with a robot pony the CMC (minus their cutie marks) made that Twilight brought to life after ensuring that it was *ahem* anatomically correct.

Meanwhile, Discord is setting up a lounge chair just outside of Ponyville, having a seat as he whips out a (literal bath) tub of blue and pink polka-dotted tapioca flavored popcorn, sitting back and munching the snack as he says to himself with quiet—yet manic—glee, “And here. We. Go.”

This is beautiful. I was looking forward to this. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, this promises to be quite the ride. Goes right into the Tracking folder.

Well. The Radio Times informs me (through spiel about a documentary) that there are a crowd of gentleman trying to create a similar sort of thing right now (reading between the lines, something akin to a sex doll with a computer brain like a furby or something only presumably more advanced). So maybe Twilight is just ahead of the curve...

Though in Twilight's case, one can't help but feel that curve is going to be gracefully and sedately off a cliff...

You misquoted the old saying. Actually, it's "The best plans of mice and men to get laid often go astray. "

And so it begins. This promises to be quite the event indeed. Eagerly looking forward to what follows from this... though I get the feeling that Twilight's parents wouldn't be nearly as shocked as Rarity thinks.

Twilight should remember the ancient wise saying, "Hooves are there to keep your legs from fraying at the ends."


For anyone interested, the artist of that cover art is actually on Fimfiction frequently. Her name is Little Tigress if you want to check her out.

this can only end two ways, twilight is SO bad at dating that she drives away nimbus and twilight go's full on stalker mode and chases after him, or she finds a flesh and blood colt friend and nimbus go's crazy with jealousy (or they could naturally fall in love but let's be honest what are the odds of THAT happening?)

Dear god, this is going to be a glorious train wreck, isn’t it?

i'm curious as to whether existence problems with come up for nimbus. like "do i have a soul?", " what will happen to me when you don't need me anymore?".

also "Why are you jealous of my dating others, i was made to date"

Just imagine the amazing cuddles she will get from him! XD

This is going to be wonderful.

I can’t believe no one has yet referred to this:

It even stars John Malkovich and John Malkovich!

8590014 Yep! Back around August 4 or so, I saw a Little Tigress picture posted to I think it was Art for Fanfiction? It was like being hit my a Freight Muse, because the whole story just dropped into my head at once. So I got permission to use the pic, and started work. So only 4 months for 7 chapters, not bad at all considering the rest of the stuff I was working on.

I guess I'm mostly terrified that there is a sex tag? I mean...what?

8590520 Just PG-13 Without the sex tags, I can't do jokes like this:

After one bright light that made the castle glitter brighter than the sun outside, Twilight swept a hoof in the direction of Nimbus. “See, he’s charged up and ready to go.”

Starlight Glimmer paused and looked underneath the subject of their discussion.

Not in that way,” hissed Twilight. “He’s going to help me with my romantic inexpertise. I’ll worry about… that aspect of dating later. Perverts,” she finished with a low grumble.

I fully concur with all of Spike's reactions this chapter.

Okay, I'll bite, let's see how badly this ends for everypony... :rainbowlaugh:

(before reading story) “Ooh, an artificial life story!”

(after reading) “Not a robot. 0 out of 10, downvoted, unfollowed, cancelled FiMfic account, leaving internet forever, what a rip...”

I kid of course. :pinkiesmile: This looks great, Georg, and I look forward to the next installment!

"From my heart and from my hoof, why don't ponies get the truth, my intentions...?"


Kindness Laughter Honesty,
Loyal Generosity and some chaos from my hoof we'll make:
Things we've never thought before!
Behind vaults and more!
Apples and imagination
Not what Sweetie Belle would do
making dreams come true
Pretty wings sharp horn

"It's alive..."

This can only end in tears...

Oh hey it's posted. This was great fun to work on, thanks for the experience Georg!

"Twilight-Creator, does this unit have a soul?"

This is gonna be fun. :rainbowlaugh:

By the way, does Nimbus' facial embroidery move to simulate expressions, like blinking and 'opening' his mouth, or does he always have an unwavering, soul-eating smile on his face? I know Rarity sees that he moves and speaks in a lifelike manner, but I'm not sure if it's just limited to body language.

Also, based on the sex tag... he's going to get Twilight pregnant, isn't he? :twilightoops:
Edit: Ah, just saw your comment regarding the tag. Oh well... :derpytongue2:

8590863 Not every story I write with Twilight Sparkle and a love interesting results in... um... Just a sec.

(goes back and checks)

Ahem. As I was saying...

Oh my goodness this looks cute, I love the premise. Looking forward to Twilight developing some kind of happy relationship with Nimbus. Especially because I'm also in a romantic relationship with a Twilight plush <3

8590873 Ah well. Would've been hilarious to see everypony's reaction to her foals. Especially if this takes place in the same continuity as My Brother, the Tooth and My Niece, the Star. Those pranks are probably responsible for Twilight's... difficulties in holding down a date. :twilightoops:

8590976 It does bring new meaning to the phrase "Making a baby."

"Honey, I think they mislabeled these wires. I've got five red ones and only four black ones that are supposed to splice into his hunger center here in the central torso."

Heh, I can already imagine Rarity's conversation with Twilight about this...

"Darling, have you thought of trying something else to improve your dates?" Rarity wondered.

Twilight looked thoughtful as she replied, "Well, I tried visiting an alternate dimension once, thinking that I could find out who that version of me was dating so I could find them here."

Rarity blinked, then asked, "And...?"

Twilight's cheeks turned red as she told her friend, "Well, in the reality I visited, that version of me was married to this kind, handsome earth pony stallion. He was surprisingly calm about meeting another version of his wife, for some reason..." Rarity barely held back a remark about her dear friend's mind-blowing magical abilities. "Well, anyway, I thought we were hitting it off, until the other Twilight found us talking."

"Then what happened, darling?" Rarity wondered.

Twilight scowled. "She told me in no uncertain terms to 'keep my hooves off her husband' before she shoved me back through the wormhole and closed it. It wasn't like I was going to steal him or anything!" She huffed, and added, "And the worst part is, he doesn't even exist in our reality! All that effort for nothing..."

8591024 "That's really sad," said Rarity. "Did you get anything at all out of your little visit?"

"Well..." Twilight nodded slowly with a growing smile. "I get to foalsit on alternate Thursdays. As long as I give her back."

8590577 Can't believe I didn't get her linked into that first recommendation comment. Fixing now.

“A Type Six semi-autonomous cloth golem with full fractal sensory integration and hierarchical learning enchantments,” recited Twilight with a squeal. “Isn’t he wonderful?”

Nexus Six?

“Anyway, Nimbus here is fully fireproof, so that won’t happen again. And scratchproof,” she added. “Just in case. Also lightning-resistant, acid-resistant, there’s an anti-raveling charm built-in, and the cloth won’t fade at all in the sun for years.”

So what you're saying is, it's impossible to get rid of him the moment something goes wrong.

Good thing it's not a Nexus Seven. The trouble just a couple of those created when they got loose…

Spoken like someone that's never heard of nuclear energy. Or sonic, for that matter.

8591553 Or simply squashing it under a rock and draining whatever it's using for a magic power source.

I haven't read this yet but I can feel the alicorn of love face hoofing so hard it transcends dimensions .:facehoof:

Friends will always help somebody but true friends will help you hide a body.

I understand Twilight needing to fill out the proper paperwork, but couldn't she have just signed it herself?

When we consider that Celestia and Luna immediately jumped to the worst possible out of numerous and equally plausible conclusions... well, I’m not sure if that says more about them or about Twilight.

Given the sh*t they've seen over the many TV seasons, specials, and recent movie... can you blame them?

Golemcraft, one of those rare areas where Twilight has a habit of not doing the paperwork first.

In any case, I do love how there's a bit of a triangle forming given Fluttershy. Though I can't help but notice that Pinkie hasn't directly interacted with Nimbus yet. His inability to eat and lack of genuine emotions may be off-putting to her. How do you deal with that which cannot party?

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