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This story is a sequel to I Didn't Mean to Kiss Scootaloo

Spike and Scootaloo have been dating for a few months, and while she's been ascending into greatness, he's done nothing with his life. So Spike makes a decision that'll change both of their lives. The only question is... will she say yes?

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 42 )

Interesting, will give it a read.

This is a strange ship... And why do I like it?

I love where this is going.

Scootaloo x Spike 5-ever!!!

:scootangel: I'm grounded , Can't fly when you're knocked up....
:moustache: Diapers bottles and screaming foals.....
:twilightsmile: and bits on studying dragon pony biology
:raritystarry: foal clothes
:rainbowlaugh: tough nuts !
:moustache: you called? :facehoof:

I didn't think there would be a sequel I'm so excited

SEQUEL?!?! Thank you!

My prediction for the next chapter.

Chapter 2




OoooOOOoooooo... Saucy.

You going to properly credit that art to Lopoddity? I know her old style when I see it.

found this yesterday, read through the first story in a day

now I'm here and I'm hooked

Awesome! So wholesome :raritydespair:

ok know i probably missed it but how long have they been dating- oh and Nice Cliffhanger Honest:scootangel:

Over six months.

The first chapter is skipping through time more than anything.

ok thanks, If you ever need help i open to it

Spitfire saying Scoots is gaining weight...:rainbowhuh:
Having trouble at flight school...:trixieshiftleft:
Constantly wanting milkshakes...:rainbowderp:
A child on the thumbnail of this story...:raritystarry:

To quote a very blunt blue pegasus:

"You two bang yet?"


Now these two are absolutely adorable. They actually realize that communication is essential to EVERY relationship.
Wonder how long the time skip has been? Probably not important.

Great start, hope that the following chapters are just as or even better than the first. Good luck, and I'll keep reading.:pinkiehappy:

This is simultaneously the weirdest, funniest, cringiest, and best things I’ve read... when you’re bored you read weird things... I’ll keep up with this story though.


...Rainbow Dash said... flicking the shades back over her eyes.

“She wears sunglasses indoors, at winter, and nighttime.”

And unlike most of my music references, this isn’t metal. (Ed Sheeran- New Man, is the song)

Imma wait for this one to be finished before I start in on it.

I agree with you

I'm so excited for this story I can't wait!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

would you mind updating this some time soon?

B_25 #30 · Dec 24th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Probably in a week or so.

k, good to know, also damn that went from 10 to 100 real quick!
6 months dating and already asking for marriage?
what are you Walt Disney!?
(no offense but that caught me off guard)


This was 3 months ago...

Oh well, I still hope for an update every day.

I'm a bit confused 'cause I thought there was more for this story, but the tag on it has suddenly been changed to "complete". Is this story going to be updated or has it been decided that this chapter will be the entire story?

Great followup. Heres to hoping a sequel with Spike dealing with parenthood

You....you bucking motherbucking bucking asshole you.....you....BUCK!!!! Why the buck would you leave in on a cliffhanger like that? What the buck? My favorite pairing to. DAMN YOU B! Buck.....amazing story though, seriously, amazing. I love it and really want to read more of this pairing. I loved it.

What's the deal with the story cover not lining up with the story? Good story btw, but what happened here?

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