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When a space pilot who's only ever awake from cryo-sleep to perform maintenance and mine resources crashes on an unknown planet, what's he to do? Do what he does best, mine, grind and weld! Then when reports that the planet's he's landed on is not only inhabited by a race of intelligent ponies but is in the last throes of it's life and is threatening to destabilize, everything becomes a race against the clock in order to not only save himself but maybe even the very species he's found himself surrounded by.

MLP/Space Engineers crossover.
Sunset went to the human realm and came back a few years later with Twilight, becoming Twilight's student after Twi's ascension.
Not expecting many chapters or many long chapters. (Hah! Apparently not so!)
Spent ten minutes on the Featured List: 09/30/16! I had evidence! (But it's gone now...)

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just enough dragon the top portion

I think you mean drag on

Is the AI actually alive...?

Love it so far, keep up the amazing work

so the A.I already has a favourite princess?

7584709 7584706 It's a VI, not an AI. Yet. At this point it's still just programming and logics. I do eventually plan for it to somehow evolve into an AI on it's own. Maybe have magic do something with it...

7586745 I don't like Starlight, so i'll be explaining what happened to her and how Sunset ended up back in Equestria in a later chapter.

Pinkie deserved that, I mean how is it even possible to be that stupid? What's worse is that it fits her perfectly. Pinkie Pie is most annoying/worst pony

7587018 I can't agree with your last opinion, I was mostly just using her as a method for correcting my own mistakes when I wrote this. I had planned for the pilot to wake up before he got back in the ship when he was surrounded by ponies and then arm himself with a rifle he had in the pod with him, however my fingers took over and wrote something different. Plus, this way, Pilot has a method to prove friendliness by offering to help heal Pinkie with one of the auto-docs in the ship.

When is the next chapter coming out?

7587944 I think I'm approximately half-way through writing it so probably later today.

Pinkie, you idiot!

Well, a bit Deus-Ex-Macinay, but good to see him fix his mistake.

7589598 There is an ulterior motive to his fixing his mistake that will be somewhat covered in the next chapter that I'm currently writing now.

Whens the next one? And why is the planet instable?

7592669 Next one comes up whenever I get around to writing it and the planet instability will be explained when the equipment is built. Probably next or another chapter away.

Pro: This story is wonderful; very interesting, and I want to read more!

Con: Too short; needs MOAR chapters!

7595328 Maybe, just maybe, we can get this featured so other people can enjoy it... You know, wishful thinking...

7584689 I think the magic is fucking up the A.I and acting like a radio signal of some sort

Wow, way to go with that DBZ joke. Too much funny with that one.

Celestia briefly wondered if the craft itself was sentient, but pushed that thought out of her mind with a smile. Intelligent machines, what kind of idiot race would ever think of that?

Humans... and other possible aliens

7595370 Yeah, I was kinda proud of that one...

Forgetting about Twilight here...

7586809 Oh i thought it was a super bad grammer mistake

7595411 nope, if it was a mistake then Starlight's picture would be where Sunset's is.

7592972 im con and pro! i want moar stories and im interested

7595427 true... Also look at the comment under yours.

7595931 If I can get my Space Engineers to work longer than a loading screen then I can finish up the modified Wyvern and upload that for everyone's viewing pleasure... I don't make any promises about that, though...

7597314 yeah but ive got the hardware to run things. I'm just having issues with my power supply at the moment.

7597328 ahh i got an idea. Its called strap ten double-A batteries Im sure it will be okay

7597334 Hah, yeah no. It's more along the lines of "Spend 150$ to upgrade to a new PSU"

7597339 or or or... get a car battery and strap it to the power supply

7597350 Uhm, no. that'll blow the whole thing up...

7597506 strap uhh.... i dont fucking know like 100 potatoes?

7597792 No see, the problem isn't that the power supply can't draw enough power, its that the computer parts draw to much power from the PSU. The PSU will scale the voltage to what it's set to, no matter how much power it draws from the outlet. I need a PSU with a higher Wattage rating, not more power.

Ugh, so much politics.

Personal note: Might see if possible to ignite xenon in air to create simple lightshow.

I like the way this A.I. thinks.

Personally I don't try and anger engineers as they know how to make your life miserable in the most creative ways possible. Or they just put a bullet between your eyes if they're working.

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