• Published 22nd Sep 2016
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My Little Engineer - Soren Mercer

A space explorer, crossing the known spances of the universe comes across an unregistered planet out in deep space. What happens when he's forced to co-operate with a new species to not only save his life, but the entire species?

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VI Log: 2362

Automated Virtual Intelligence Data Log

Virtual Intelligence Anubis, nicknamed Vinyl

Date: 12/24/2405 13:04

Update: Progress on tearing down crashed ship continues after a mild mishap with one of the ponies improperly tearing down Reactor 4 and causing a leak of radiation. Pilot lead clean-up and pony only suffered mild radiation burns before being fixed up in Auto-doc. Pilot took opportunity to perform full scan on Pegasus physiology. Workforce has successfully repurposed parts from remaining nacelle engines, gyroscopes no longer report constant -20 degree incline. Pilot notes how much more pleasant it is to walk around the ship without the angle.

Rosetta Stone program has successfully deciphered pony written language, attempts to create verbal translations underway but slow. Program suggests telepathic undertones to pony language required to fully understand and communicate. Pilot set up small LCD screens to issue commands and organize work force.

Pretty blue pony, now relabeled Alicorn - Luna, appears to spend most of her waking time with Pilot in order to learn about ship subsystems. I’ve put in firm requests that she not tamper with my programming and hardware. C3, relabeled Alicorn - Twilight Sparkle, disappeared from pony camp eight hours ago and cannot be found. Guards sent out search parties five hours ago. C4, relabeled Sunset Shimmer, seems to like spending time around my frames just to talk. I find her helpful for learning new things and adapting my programming. C1, Alicorn - Celestia, disappeared from pony camp twelve hours, thirty seven seconds ago but no attempts to find her have been made, presume her location is known to ponies.

Pilot has made progress in constructing modified Wyvern-class VTOL in hangar bay with materials provided to him by Alicorn - Luna. Pilot continues to monitor status of blackouts during welding processes; received CT, MRI and Electrochemical Imaging tests to determine effects of blackouts on brain. Tests inconclusive but blackouts don’t seem to be harmful in any way.

Regards to VTOL, ponies impressed by Projector building methods and compared images to complex magic systems. Comment logged to begin research on “magic systems”, may explain the unknown system present in pony anatomy that relies on heavy xenon presence in air.

I’ve logged three theories on the methods of how the ponies manage to cast their “magic” and have determined that their projected image ability is done through creating ignition points in the Xenon in the air to create projections. Telekinesis seems to be possible through isolated modified gravity wells. Ability to control both images and gravity wells to be studied, potential to replicate?

Note, Cyan pony and a few other pegasi -probability of friends with Alicorn - Twilight Sparkle extremely high- approached Pilot to ask about potential of learning to fly VTOL. Pilot still considering implications but suggests need for pilots may outweigh caution as planet destabilizes and requirement for moving off planet’s surface rises.

End log.

Log Addition, Alicorn - Celestia returned suddenly half an hour ago. Pilot reports that land for building processing facility has been decided upon and as soon as VTOL is complete, building will begin.

Amendment to previous entry, Pilot has decided to assign Alicorn - Luna to the construction of Wyvern-class VTOL while he and small group of carrier ponies begin framework construction of Production Facility by manually carrying everything to location. Expecting Pilot to transfer me to new location within next couple days.

Personal Note: I don’t like Alicorn - Luna anymore, she’s getting too close to Pilot.