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Long ago, Avatar Korra made the conscientious decision to strip the entire world of it's bending, throwing it into Chaos in the attempt to stop the return of the greatest evil the world has never known.

Three thousand years later, Harmonic Convergence is once again upon us and there is no Avatar to stop what's coming. What's a man who's out of place to do with new-found power only thought of in myth and legend to stop the end of days from destroying all of the worlds connected by Harmony?

I have no idea what I'm doing, honestly...

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Great start and was he in the avatar state when he earth bend?

7996048 He was, yes. Just not a finished version of the Avatar state, much like Aang at the Norther Water tribes, only using one element instead of all four.

7996912 i remember that, Aang fucked the fire Nation up XD

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