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Long ago, Avatar Korra made the conscientious decision to strip the entire world of it's bending, throwing it into Chaos in the attempt to stop the return of the greatest evil the world has never known.

Three thousand years later, Harmonic Convergence is once again upon us and there is no Avatar to stop what's coming. What's a man who's out of place to do with new-found power only thought of in myth and legend to stop the end of days from destroying all of the worlds connected by Harmony?

I have no idea what I'm doing, honestly...

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This story is a sequel to My Little Engineer

After spending who knows how long in cryostasis on their trip to their new homeworld, Luna wakes from sleep with a bit of trouble. That's not the only trouble she's about to find, however, as she soon learns that not all of the Equestrians made it to Lux Aeterna; her fiance included.

Luna must now take a small group of volunteers to backtrack their journey across the stars in search of the missing pods, exploring entirely new worlds and civilizations in the progress. Who will the crew find, what will they discover?

This story is an archive of an RPG that I will be hosting with some friends on my Discord server, rewritten and formatted to comply with Fimfic's rules of submission. I need a few more players who'd be interested in playing a lead role in this story. If you're interested, please send me a PM so we can chat.

Current players/Co-writers:
Simple Things

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You've only just learned that the greatest thing since sliced bread (bacon non-withstanding but just not an option) hasn't even been discovered in Equestria! No sorbet! You must fix this travesty!

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When a space pilot who's only ever awake from cryo-sleep to perform maintenance and mine resources crashes on an unknown planet, what's he to do? Do what he does best, mine, grind and weld! Then when reports that the planet's he's landed on is not only inhabited by a race of intelligent ponies but is in the last throes of it's life and is threatening to destabilize, everything becomes a race against the clock in order to not only save himself but maybe even the very species he's found himself surrounded by.

MLP/Space Engineers crossover.
Sunset went to the human realm and came back a few years later with Twilight, becoming Twilight's student after Twi's ascension.
Not expecting many chapters or many long chapters. (Hah! Apparently not so!)
Spent ten minutes on the Featured List: 09/30/16! I had evidence! (But it's gone now...)

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