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The lilim Celestia has presided over her personal monster realm of Equestria for generations- an oddity among her kind, ruling with an even hand and a will to let her subjects preserve their humanity, should they choose. Even her prized student, Twilight Sparkle, was for the longest time a mere human with incredible arcane potential.

But as her student soon discovers, life in Equestria is in grave danger. Gathering a ragtag group of warriors and monster girls, can she save her home- and maybe even the world while she's at it?

Warning: Considering the source material (the Monster Girl Encyclopedia), expect at the very least some crude humor and a little language. Most likely no outright smut, however.

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Warning: Considering the source material (the Monster Girl Encyclopedia), expect at the very least some crude humor and a little language. Most likely no outright smut, however.

So less like Monster Girl Encyclopedia and more like Monster Musume, sans the romance and harem elements, right?

Comment posted by Moon_Dew deleted Sep 26th, 2016

Well, this is of to an interessting start, I dare say and seeing with what this will be crossed with I really look foreward to see the next chapters.^^

["Oh god, Shining Armor's gonna kill me."] can't kill what is already dead! :pinkiecrazy:

"Oh god, Shining Armor's gonna kill me."

I really hope that is just a Hyperbole. . .

You know i find it really funny that i find this story just very shortly after i find a picture of the main six as the main girls of Monster Musume

7597570 all i know of it is that 1. it's an anime 2. it's about monsters coexisting with humans 3. a group of female monsters have fallen in love with a human male and are vieing for his affection, never actually watched it but from what i have heard it is those 3 things

my guesses for monsters are:
AJ - werewolf
Dash- ghost or some monster that goes really fast
pinkie - ghost
Rarity - vampire (something about sophistication and monsters means vampire to me)
fluttershy - some sorta fairy

So at least Shining isn't part of the "The Order" like i feared, though i do wonder if Twilight is Just a zombie, i ask because you would think she would be something stronger then one of the more basic type of undead.

You'll all find out the true nature of Twilight and the rest of the Mane 6's forms soon enough~!

Nobody's guessed right so far, but I'll be incredibly impressed by the first person to get it!

A Monster Girl Ecchi harem Manga/ Anime series, it is also known as Daily life with a monster girl, here is the series back story:

For years, the Japanese government has kept a secret: mythical creatures such as centaurs, harpies, and lamias are real. Three years before the start of the story, the government revealed the existence of these creatures and passed a legal bill, the "Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act". Since then, these creatures, known as "liminals," have become a part of human society, living with ordinary families like foreign exchange students and au-pair visitors, but with other duties and restrictions (the primary restriction being that liminals and humans are forbidden from harming each other).

The story follow's a young man named Kimihito who ends up becoming a host for a Lamia girl named Miia after her exchange family bailed on her, and soon even more girls show up thanks to the coordinator Miss. Smith, and thanks to this Kimihito soon finds himself host to 6 (latter 7) Monster Girl's.

The story is both funny but very Ecchi so i would suggest to only read if your 18 years old or up.

Well this is interesting, it would make sense that Sunset would of Become a demon, all things considered.

Also i will say that i am willing to bet that things are going to get really awkward for spike soon enough. :D

So since i never really gave a real guess at what they might be, here are my guess.



Rainbow Dash:

Pinkie Pie:



It will be fun seeing if i got any right as the story goes along, heck for all i know you might be using different character's then normal.

Holy shit you hit the nail directly on the head for half of them!
(Not gonna say which half tho~)

7600239 Thank's it will be fun seeing which ones i have gotten right as the story continues on. :twilightsmile:

ego's bigger than a Minotaur's d***

Wow so Minotaur's are futa's?

Well i must say that i am surprised that Fluttershy is a Mandragora of all things, but it is fitting, for her, so i am guessing the missing kid's are part of the CMC if so then i think i know what Applejack is now, though one of them being human does surprise me.
Also good to know that Spike can still defend himself.

Also i deleted my guess from one of my previous comments so i don't have a chance to spoil for other's. :)

Actually that was a mistake- earlier revision of mine I was trying some of my own concepts that I decided not to use. Thanks for pointing it out!

Ah, Shy isn't a Vampire!? Why!?:raritycry:

Honestly it was in the running, but "I'd like to be a tree" is more of a classic

7601604 Then a dryad wouldn't be better than a mandragora?

I googled Mandragora and it said it was a familiar demon given to sorcerers by the Devil similar to a living doll, but i am guessing your definition comes from those animes you mentioned earilier

I was thinking about that one too, but the mandragora seemed to be a better plant

That would be correct- in this case it's basically mandrake root personified. Being that it's described as an incredibly shy and easily startled plant with some hypnotic powers, I figured it was an easy fit for Fluttershy- while not being necessarily stuck to one location like a dryad.

Darn plants not being mobile...

Okay, Flutters is a tree, well, kinda. That will be interessting, with all the rape inducing hypnosis powers and stuff.

Hmm, could it be that Pinkie is some breed of Cheshire Cat perhaps? Just a hunch but that would fit her whole "popping up all over the place" shtick pretty well I think.

The alternate versions of everyone is interesting, but I can't say that I am a fan of Twilight being beta'd by everyone like this. I prefer alpha Twilight.

Don't you worry none, Twilight's got plenty of room for power and growth. It took her three seasons to achieve alicornhood, after all

Good to see a update, and the new cover is rather nice, though it was easy to guess from the last chapter it is interesting that Applejack is a Centaur, and it seems that Rarity is hiding something, i can guess what but i don't want to spoil, though i have little doubt that it has something to do with the people back in Cantorlot.

Pffffhaha, even as an undead, poor Twilight is still victim to her hormones.:rainbowlaugh:

Workhorse AJ huh? Pretty fitting.

I´m curious to see what exactly Rarity is. There are quite a few monsters who can use "Glamour" but then again, it could be a herring of the red varity. I would laugh my ass off if Rara was an Arachne as the spider silk implies.

ESPECIALLY as an undead, don't forget the source material here XD

And yeah, AJ is honestly the most horse-like of the cast, so to be honest I couldn't really picture as anything but a centaur. As far as Rarity, well that remains to be seen. Though I'm curious as to what 7669612 is getting at here with the Canterlot comment

Ah, right, right. Of course, Mamonos how could I forget.^^

7669654 Well in chapter 4 it is stated that the people of Canterlot are mostly human and are not the most kindest sort, this give off the vibe that most Monster girl's or at least Mamono of certain types of are not well accepted by the majority of the people of Canterlot, for example they might be less welcoming of a Medusa, White Horn, or Arachne type then they would be of a Dark Mage, Vampire, Dark Priest, or Troll, mostly being biased on the Mamono's looks alone really.

In other words seeing the Lesson of chapter 5 is Glamour and the little bits of foreshadowing we get from Rarity's segment of the chapter it does give me the impression that Rarity might be hiding something so any dream she might have might actually be possible.

But that is just what i got from my observations.

I'm guessing Rarity is a spider-girl. Arachne herself was a weaver and there were three hints pointing at what she could possibly be. The title and description for glamour hinting that Rarity is most likely hiding something (as pointed out by others). The dress Twilight felt was made from spider silk. Lastly if thinking she is a spider-girl it would make sense why she was in a rush to put on her glamour before meeting Twilight, she was currently working on a dress in her real form making the dress out of her silk.

when is the next chapter? is there going to be sunlight shipping?

Next chapter is about 40% written- been a little slow going for this bit but hopefully I'll make it over the hump.
As for your second question I'll only say this: sunlight is the reason I get up in the morning.

Will the Dazzlings be appearing in this story?

Only barely. A half life, a cursed life- one sustained only by the blood of the author and foul demonic energies.

Wait, no that's Voldemort, not this story.

You should try coffee. I hear it's better for sustaining writers than lifeblood.

so is Rainnbow Dash some mix of Harpy and Lightning Elemental?

Well this is a pleasant surprise

Seems Spike and Sunset are not Getting along, though the same can be set about Sunny and Rainbow Dash (I kind of Feel Bad for Sunset), it seems that i was right that Rainbow would be a Thunderbird Harpy, and where given a another clue that Rarity is more then what she seems, I do wonder how this story's Rainbow and Flutter shy met seeing how this Flutter Shy is a Plant Monster girl, my best Guess is that Flutter Shy was grown in CloudsDale by her gardener mother, either way Good job overall, and welcome Back. :pinkiehappy:

I am pretty sure she is Thunder Bird, which in the MGE is a sub type of Harpy

it more resembled a heap of raw iron bashed into the shape of a blade than any sword

Let the CLANG´ing commence!

Also, Twi-Twi seems a little bit on Cold Turkey eh? Better find herself someone she can... ehrm... replenish herself on. That should be interessting.

Twilight was starting to fidget. It couldn't be out of boredom- she had a fresh book out on the trunk next to her, but she was finding it hard to concentrate on it

Sounds like Twilight is starting to desire Spirit Energy or Mana if your prefer, seeing how she is about to enter woods with only one Male in the area this won't end well, especially if she is the type of undead that i think she is.

 a sword at her side- though, upon closer inspection, it more resembled a heap of raw iron bashed into the shape of a blade than any sword Twilight ever saw a guard carrying around

Well that sounds unusual for a Monster-girl to carry, i remember that most use a metal that drains Mana instead of physical damage, though this time it is about finding family, and hearing that AJ's sword is a Heap of Raw Iron in the shame of a sword kind of makes me think of Berserk

There was definitely something off about Twilight Sparkle, but she couldn't place her finger on it. And after thinking that, she frowned- why should she even care? At this point she should be number two on her shit list, right behind the princess

Huh i thought Twilight would be third with either Spike or Rainbow Dash as second at this point, but its nice to see Sunset worrying about Twilight.

Over all a great calm before the storm chapter, it seems that the team of eight has finally come together, though for different reason's, and if Twilight's fidgeting is anything to go by this isn't going to go easily, though Spike might be the one in most danger.

Don't underestimate Sunset's ability to feel jealous over her perceived replacement XD

And as far as AJ's sword and Twilight's monsterization goes, time will only tell.

I know, i just thought she would be madder at Spike for a few chapter's back

True, though i am fairly certain of what is going on with Twilight, though i will have to wait and see either way.

Twas never dead, merely slumbering!

good story but I wonder what type of undead monster twilight really is...... going to guess she wrong and not a zombie but something far better/more powerfully but has yet to figure it out. like a wight

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